What to expect from liposuction

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What to expect from liposuction

try to understand what to expect from liposuction.As with other aesthetic operations, liposuction before and procedures to get rid of fat, it is important to have realistic expectations.Do not expect that from cultivated areas all the fat is removed.This will not only look unnatural - it is simply impossible.You must remove this amount of fat to form a harmonious contour matching the rest of the body.After surgery, you will find that decreased in size and can wear one or two sizes smaller.Weight can also be reduced - but not always.Do not be surprised if, due to edema, he even temporarily increase.

satisfaction result

satisfaction with the results of liposuction, Endermologie and Mesotherapy is closely linked to expectations.In the event that you are counting on a significant reduction in weight and cellulite correction after liposuction, you will be disappointed.If your goal wer

e more harmonious body contours, and you were aware of limitations of the method, it is likely you will be satisfied.

What to expect from liposuction.Questions to the plastic surgeon

What needle size for liposuction are you using?

Do you Primetete tumescent fluid?

What is your percentage of corrective operations?

What is your policy with regard to corrective operations?

Which method of liposuction you recommend and why?

To achieve the desired result at your disposal there are several methods of liposuction and other methods to get rid of fat.Specialists there is no consensus regarding the optimal method of liposuction.If you want to get rid of excess fat, listen to the advice of a plastic surgeon who will recommend the method that gives him the best results.

Liposuction removes fat from specific areas that do not respond to diet and exercise.During the operation of the body fat cells are removed permanently, and if you do not put on weight, the results are stored for a long time.For these reasons, liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery operations.

recommendations and warnings

• Before doing liposuction, your weight should remain stable for 6 months.

• Do not assume that liposuction will remove cellulite.In fact, this operation may even strengthen it.To correct cellulite Endermologie is best to choose or mesotherapy.

• For best results after liposuction is necessary to maintain the same body weight.

• It is impossible to predict where it will accumulate fat after surgery.The body fat may be formed in the area of ​​liposuction, and in other locations.

• If you need a large volume liposuction, find an experienced surgeon and keep in mind that you have to spend one day in the hospital.

• When sagging skin tightening preferable liposuction.

• To maintain a harmonious body contour liposuction surgeons sometimes recommend the neighboring areas, such as the sides or thighs.

• Do not do liposuction gluteal folds and calves - except in cases where a doctor has extensive experience in these areas liposuction.

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