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lipolysis injections

Mesotherapy - is injected into the fat layer of medical drugs,which stimulate lipolysis.Consider splitting fat injections.The efficacy of various compounds in various combinations;This hyaluronidase fosfatidilhlorin, aminophylline, caffeine, carnitine and others.

cellulitis or deep fat

when injected into the surface layer of mesotherapy can get rid of cellulite, which is formed there.With the introduction of the drug in the deep layer may decrease the amount of fat, but cellulite correction.Due to the fact that during the same session is allowed to use only a limited amount of the drug, patients with both problems (a large amount of fat and cellulitis) is usually asked to select exposure objective during each procedure.

lipolysis injections.Performing the procedure and recovery

Mesotherapy held by a physician or nurse, and consists of a large number of shallow injections - up to two hundred.Obkalyv

anie usually takes a few minutes and is not painful.Discomfort with mesotherapy is felt after the procedure, when the action begins dissolving fat, or lipolytic, agents.They stimulate the breakdown of fat, and the body responds inflammatory response - the treated area becomes hard, red and very sensitive.The duration of this reaction can be from several hours to several days, depending on the characteristics of lipolytic agents and organism.Typically, the stronger the reaction, the better the result.In most cases, the patient on the next day can go to work.With a strong reaction at the next session will introduce you to a lower dose of the drug.

lipolysis injections.Results

The final result can be seen in 2-3 weeks after each treatment, and the results are modest.When improvement of cellulite is from 20 to 50% per session, and therefore usually requires multiple sessions.When injected in the deep layer improvement of fat is from 5 to 20%) for a session, and it is difficult to see the difference.Most patients notice a positive change after each correction of cellulite, but with a decrease in the volume of fat less impressive and less predictable.Therefore, mesotherapy is recommended primarily for women with an ideal body weight and small areas with excess fat or cellulite.This procedure does not replace liposuction, but complements it.

cost and risks

mesotherapy cost ranges from 200 to 600 dollars per session - an average of $ 400.It risks include infection, skin irregularities, stealth changes and fat necrosis - a painful accumulation of dead fat under the skin.The latter is usually resolves on their own, but the process can take several months.

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