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Cellulite treatment after liposuction

body correction.Cellulite treatment after liposuction.Cellulite - is very common, but unsightly skin irregularities in the form of mounds and pits.Its cause is the fiber coupler and fat.Fibroids fibers connect the skin to the deep layer of fat passing through its surface layer.By increasing the surface layer of the skin is stretched fat and fiber attachment areas formed hollows.Cellulite occurs only in areas where there is a fiber coupler, such as the thighs and buttocks.Interestingly, men often have no cellulite.

Contrary to popular belief, not liposuction or laser treatment does not relieve this phenomenon.For its treatment using three methods: Endermologie, mesotherapy and lifting.

Cellulite treatment after liposuction.Endermologie Endermologie

- a non-invasive procedure that supposedly stimulates the decomposition of fat and cellulite disappear.It is performed us

ing a device which creates a slight pressure on the skin, as well as vacuum.The device looks like a hand vacuum, and its effect resembles a deep massage.Sessions last 40 minutes and are held once or twice a week until the results stabilize.

Women who makes this procedure, notice improvement after ten sessions, and the stabilization of the results observed between the fifteenth and twentieth session.To save the results sessions should be repeated on a monthly basis.

Advantages One of the advantages endermology - is accessibility.Each procedure costs from 50 to 100 dollars.To obtain sustainable results, you will have to spend from 975 to 1400 dollars.Its maintenance cost an average of $ 65 per month.In addition, Endermologie - a painless procedure that does not require recovery.In addition to reducing cellulite, many women report increased skin elasticity and a reduction of the fat layer.


endermology cost is lower than liposuction, but the final result depends on several factors and can not be guaranteed.Great importance plays a qualified professional who performs the procedure, as well as other important factors - diet and exercise needed to get results from Endermologie.In order for the procedure to be effective, it is necessary to stimulate lipolysis.Without diet and exercise improvements will be negligible.Women who do not want to limit yourself to food and exercise regularly, Endermologie will not help.

Monthly support procedure will cost about $ 780 per year.After three or five years, the skin will still return to its previous state, in spite of supporting procedures, diet and exercise.Once again this will have to undergo a course of weekly sessions.

Other applications

Endermologie Endermologie can be used both before and after liposuction.Some experts perform Endermologie session in the operating room just before the liposuction.They consider that the procedure softens the fat and makes it easier to suction, and provides a more smooth skin.Other surgeons recommend that patients undergo Endermologie after liposuction, as this procedure can optimize the result of the operation, smoothing fat reduction and stimulating the skin - it can be compared with the smoothing iron fat.

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