Complications after liposuction

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Complications after liposuction

Kolrrektsiya body.Complications after liposuction.The media are awash with horror stories about the complications after liposuction performed by inexperienced or unqualified doctors.If surgery is performed by experienced plastic surgeon, the chances to get away increased significantly.

However, complications can occur even in ideal conditions: the greater the volume pumped fat, the higher the risk of their occurrence.


According to experts in the United States from complications after liposuction die each year from 25 to 50 people.The number of operations is from 250 to 500 thousand a year, and therefore the risk of death is estimated to be 1 in 10 000. Sometimes death comes as a result of violation of the integrity of the internal organs of the cannula for liposuction.Often the death of a patient associated with the lack of experience of the surgeon.Other complications can

occur and experienced doctors.

Complications after liposuction.Fat embolism

During liposuction, fat little balls sometimes fall into the blood vessels and accumulate in fat mass.This mass is then able to move into the lungs, causing difficulty breathing.As a result, there can be serious and even life-threatening problems.Fortunately, this complication is observed only in 0.1% of patients.The effects are usually not severe, and the patient's condition is improving after hospitalization and treatment with oxygen.With fat embolism associated application cannulas for liposuction of large diameter.

Complications after liposuction.Deep vein thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis - a clot formation in the deep veins of the thigh.A blood clot can travel through the blood vessels and into the lungs, leading to life-threatening respiratory failure;In addition, a blood clot can cause serious foot problems.The risk of complications is higher in overweight women, those taking birth control pills and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle after surgery.

sign of deep vein thrombosis may be swelling or pain in the leg after surgery.However, after the liposuction is the hips swelling in all patients.If one leg is swollen larger than the other, it will help to reveal the thrombus ultrasound.However, you should know that asymmetrical edema occurs often enough and not necessarily a sign of deep vein thrombosis.If you suspect that you have this problem, immediately contact the surgeon.In identifying thrombosis you are likely to be referred to the hospital for treatment and observation.

Heart failure

During liposuction, you will enter a few liters of tumescent fluid, as well as several liters of saline intravenously.Most healthy people can withstand this extra load.However, for a number of weak heart fluid can be excessive, leading to heart failure.In severe or undetected cases is a threat to life and, therefore, women with a weak heart should avoid liposuction.When a large amount of fat extraction, involving a serious burden on the heart, even healthy people need to be monitored closely during and after the operation.

Bleeding Blood loss is determined by the amount of liposuction.The sucked fluid contains from 1 to 5% of the blood.Therefore, four liters of liposuction may cause loss of from 50 ml to 200 ml, which is less than the volume of blood that is taken from the donor.Most healthy people can easily carry this loss, although in some it causes weakness and anemia.

irregularities on the skin

purpose of liposuction - to form a symmetrical contour of the body with a smooth, natural skin.Nevertheless, this operation is executed even an experienced professional, can cause permanent skin defects.With this challenge will help to cope injection of fat.

Skin discoloration

In the area of ​​liposuction may be a temporary or permanent skin discoloration.The risk of this complication does not exceed 5%.Typically, color is restored within 3-12 months.Accelerate the recovery process with hydroquinone ointments, which are dispensed by prescription.

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