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Plastic surgery liposuction

body correction.Plastic surgery liposuction.Traditional liposuction is performed through a small incision, the length of which can not exceed a quarter of an inch.By hiding it possible, for example, in the zone of growth of pubic hair, or navel inside the folds of the skin in vivo.Some areas of the body such as hips, outer thighs and upper abdomen, require incisions that are impossible to hide.However, small scars after the final healing is almost not noticeable.

the day of surgery

plastic surgeon will mark the areas that are subject to liposuction, as well as those who need to get around.This is done when the patient is standing, because when tilting the skin moves.Tags will help the surgeon during surgery.After anesthesia the surgeon makes several tiny incisions around the areas where liposuction will be held, and introduces the tumescent fluid into the fat layer.

Plastic surgery liposuction.Tumescent fluid

term "tumescent" means "swollen, puffed up."This fluid is so called because it is temporarily compresses the fatty deposits, resulting in a more easily removed during liposuction.

tumescent fluid comprises saline supplemented with lidocaine (local anesthetic or other) and epinephrine.It reduces blood loss and improve the final result.Almost all plastic surgeons apply liquid tumescent liposuction.If the doctor does not plan this, try to go to another specialist.

After administration of tumescent fluid surgeon removes the fat cells with a needle for liposuction, which has one or more openings at the end of the machine and is connected to a syringe or liposuction.Plastic Surgeon moving the needle into the fat layer, the fat sucks.

Needle liposuction compression garment

needle (or cannula) for liposuction is a long and thin tube is different diameter.The thicker it is, the more effectively can be pumped oil and the operation is performed faster.But due to the fact that thicker needles often cause unevenness tuberosity and skin, fat embolism and gray, most plastic surgeons prefer medium and fine needles.

thin needles: 3.2 mm in diameter.

Average needle 4-5 mm in diameter.

Thick needles: 10.6 mm in diameter.

Plastic surgery liposuction.To achieve maximum results, surgery is necessary to use a compression garment intended to greatly compress the treated area and support them, help to reduce the skin and optimize the final contour of the body.Compression underwear should be worn continuously for several weeks, but it can be removed in order to take a shower.It is made of a spandex-like material, which does not require washing after ironing.

plastic surgeon will provide you with such a laundry or offer you the very order it over the phone or via the Internet prior to surgery.If you bought a linen pre-check as it sits.It must strongly squeeze the body.If the laundry seems to be too small, which means that you choose the right size.If possible, buy two sets to erase them in turn.

compression garment like a bandage, and its shape depends on the area, which is subjected to liposuction.Usually it starts below the lower limit of liposuction and ends above the upper boundary.When liposuction sides will resemble linen shorts for cycling.When liposuction flanks, abdomen and thighs you pulled them from the knees to the ribs.

Shoot compression garment to take a shower, you have to only if you are sure that you can wear it again.This is not an easy task - you swollen, hurt you, and linens are very close.If you anticipate problems, it is better to take a shower in the laundry, and then dry it hairdryer.Compression underwear can be washed in the washing machine.If it was spread, use dried, after which the laundry "sit down."Close linen better to dry air.

volume of fat removed

plastic surgeon determines when to stop the liposuction, the volume of fluid sucked and appearance of the treated area.Before the end of the operation it will remove some fat from the surrounding areas to smooth the transition between the treated and untreated areas.

volumes, removed from each zone under standard operation:

Neck 25-100 ml

Belly 150-2500 ml

Bock (each) 200-2000 mL

outer surface of the femur (each) 300-2000 mL

The inner surface of the femur (each) 150-800 ml

front of the thigh (each) 200-1200 mL

knee (each) 50-100 ml

These amounts include fat and tumescent fluid.

liposuction large amounts

Women with significant fat deposits may be candidates for removal of 5000 ml of fat, and even more.However, large volume liposuction is associated with an increased risk, and many surgeons do not agree to carry out this operation.It lasts a long time, requires more tumescent fluid and a larger volume of intravenous fluids, as well as causing significant blood loss.Moreover, this operation requires increased doses of anesthetics.

What to Expect

Anesthesia: intravenous anesthesia or general anesthesia.Place of operation: the doctor's office or hospital.The duration of the operation: 30 minutes to 5 hours depending on the amount of fat removed.

Duration of hospital stay: not required for small and medium volumes;day for large volumes.

discomfort from mild to severe.Expect to take pain medication for 2-7 days.Bruises: hold from 2 to 10 days.

Edema: Maximum for 3-5 days after surgery and disappeared after 2-8 weeks.With decreasing, they are moved to the lower part of the body.For example, liposuction hips temporarily swollen knees and ankles.When liposuction abdominal swelling formed in the genital area.Violation of sensitivity: liposuction can be felt in the area and is caused by injury or irritation of the nerve endings.The sensitivity of the return, and tingling will disappear after a few weeks or months.This process will accelerate massage zones undergoing liposuction.

Dressings: removed after 1-4 days.

Sutures are removed after 5-10 days.

Drainage: drainage, if it is placed, removed 1-3 days after surgery.

support: in a few weeks are required to wear a compression garment.

appearance in a bathing suit: to appear in a bathing suit, you can after the bruising and swelling will take place, and allow the plastic surgeon to remove the compression underwear.

Work: to work, you can come back in 5-14 days, provided that the time you stopped taking painkillers.If your duties involve lifting weights, you should wait 2-3 weeks.Driving: allowed to get behind the wheel after you stop taking painkillers.

Exercise: you can gradually resume in 2-4 weeks.If you start training earlier than 2 weeks, this will increase swelling and delay the achievement of the final result.

final result: visible after the disappearance of edema.Typically, or 8 weeks later.

Saving results: while maintaining a constant weight the result is stored for a long time.

large volume liposuction can be safe if it is performed in an accredited operating room, and carefully after the operation the patient is observed, which includes a one-day hospital stay.

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