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plastic sides and thighs correction

Єsteticheskoe treatment.Plastic correction sides and thighs.Many women have hips and thighs form a "cello" silhouette.If such body contours you have made liposuction only sides, the thighs will seem wider.When liposuction is only the outer thighs wide hips will look.The best result obtained by liposuction and sides, and outer thighs, but no depressions between them, then look harmonious body contours.Plastic surgeons do not perform liposuction on natural body grooves to smooth his path.Otherwise, the "cello" will turn into a "fiddle".

confusion with names

When it comes to the hips, plastic surgeons often use the term "spit", but at the mention of the upper thighs are using the terms "side", "fat folds at the waist" and "the iliac crests."This creates some confusion, but the knowledge of these terms will facilitate your communication with your doctor.If you are not sure ab

out any areas in question, circle the finger portions, anxious, and ask the surgeon to mark them washable marker.

In some cases it is very difficult to determine how best to perform the correction of problem areas by liposuction or use other operations.Below are some general recommendations.

Plastic sideways correction and thighs.Lift

inner and outer thighs, buttocks and neck can be adjusted both liposuction and tightening.Sometimes it's hard to tell which method will give the best result.For sagging skin with reduced tone more suited lifting.If the main problem - is the excess fat, it is best to perform liposuction.Typically, liposuction makes you slimmer and younger lift.

liposuction or other operation

Many women with flabby stomach want to resort to liposuction.However, this does not in all cases lead to visible results.

fact that the external appearance of the abdomen is largely dependent on the tone of the skin than the amount of fat.Fascia, which is a solid film of connective tissue, extends from the pubic bone edges, helping to keep the internal organs in the abdominal cavity.Stretching during pregnancy, it often does not restore its tone.For women with fascia stretched or loose skin abdominoplasty is more appropriate than liposuction.

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