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body areas for liposuction

body correction.Body areas for liposuction.The skin on some parts of the body most women has a high tone.These include the outer part of the thighs and knees, and therefore these areas liposuction gives good results.

areas in which liposuction gives mixed results

Not all areas of the skin equally amenable to liposuction.In some of them a good result can be obtained only when the high tone of the skin.In areas with only a superficial fat is also achieved satisfactory results under certain conditions.This applies to the areas with natural skin folds.

body areas for liposuction with a low tone of the skin

If the skin is loose and thin, it will not shrink after liposuction and will look even worse.In such cases, no liposuction and removal of excess skin.For example, a woman with a flabby thighs inside surface of the skin the best results will lift the field, rather than liposuction.Similarl

y, the loose skin of the abdomen with stretch marks are not will tighten after liposuction: patients with this problem better to abdominoplasty.

body areas for liposuction with only superficial fat

In most areas of the body fat is located in two layers: a thin surface and thicker deep.Liposuction is intended mainly to remove deep fat layer because of surface removal can lead to the formation of irregularities on the skin.

In gastrocnemius muscle, unlike the rest of the body, there is only a surface layer of fat.Therefore, liposuction calves associated with the risk of occurrence of skin defects.However, if the operation is performed by an experienced surgeon, it can be safe and effective.

calves Liposuction also results in significant swelling.After this operation is recommended to patients for several weeks to comply with bed rest, keeping the feet up state.Most women find it unacceptable.

small number of surgeons regularly perform superficial liposuction.Apparently, they have considerable experience in the operation and not be afraid of the increased risk of complications.If you want to make a superficial liposuction, get an experienced specialist.Ask him how he carried out similar operations.

Something about fat

Each person is born with the number of fat cells, which is determined by heredity.In childhood and adolescence, the size and number of such cells increases, even if you have perfect for your age and height weight.In the adult human fat accumulation increases the size of fat cells.However, new fat cells are formed - except for obesity, preventing the normal functioning of the body, when the body weight is twice the norm.

What if I get better after liposuction?

impossible to predict where will be located the new fat deposits, because as a result of liposuction fat distribution is likely to change.In some women, it will accumulate in the liposuction area, while the other - in new areas.Patients who recover strongly after extensive liposuction, the fat may occur in unusual places, such as on the feet or hands.Fortunately, this happens very rarely.Interestingly, when men gain weight after liposuction, the fat they usually accumulate in the area of ​​liposuction.

areas with natural folds

When liposuction folds between the thighs and buttocks may be damaged fibrous ties between the skin and the bone supporting the crease.In this case, the buttock falls.Therefore, most surgeons refuse liposuction gluteal fold.

exception is the accumulation of fat under the buttocks, which is often called "banana".Superficial liposuction art usually does not damage the fiber coupler located above it.

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