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value methods of liposuction

consider what the meaning of liposuction techniques.Due to its ability to make a person slimmer, liposuction is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries in the United States.The problem of accumulation of fat in specific areas facing women of any age, constitution and level of fitness.Liposuction is most effective in those whose body weight is close to the ideal (or who it is ideal), but there is extra body fat.

Surgeons use a variety of methods for this operation.The most common of them - the traditional liposuction.We also describe current methods of this operation and provides a comparative analysis of different methods.

The best candidates for liposuction - a woman with a near-perfect body weight, but the fat deposits that are not eliminated by diet and exercise.For patients with minor or moderate overweight liposuction can be an incentive for weight loss.However, this operation

alone is not recommended as a method of weight control.It does not replace the already mentioned diet and exercise.

value of liposuction techniques.Liposuction: The Easy Way?

There is a misconception that those who chose liposuction chose "the easy way out."This operation can be applied to people who are overweight, but ideal candidates for it are those with the weight close to normal, but there are problem areas with fat deposits.In such patients, slimming required for disposal of "stubborn" fat often leads to its disappearance in other areas, and the result may be exhausted face that looks unnatural.In such cases, liposuction - it's not easy, and the only way.

Liposuction is also not a cure for obesity.If you want to reduce weight, then you will find no difficulty surgeon who agrees to do your surgery.Unfortunately, you do not get a satisfactory and lasting result.

Mandy, 24-year-old sales agent, proud of her strict diet and regular exercise.But despite the attractive body, she was shy of his total thighs.In addition, it did not sit clothes.If the pants are good in the waist, the hips are closely, but if well sit on the hips, then hung out at the waist.After liposuction Mandy felt more confident, and it has become easier to choose the right clothes.

Karen, 39-year-old data entry, came to the reception with a request to give her liposuction.She said that she had changed the metabolism and is gaining weight.Recently it has recovered on 7 kg and was sure that liposuction will solve its problems.But I said that because of the weight gain, Karen can not be considered a good candidate for liposuction.She turned to another doctor, who agreed to do the surgery.Initially, the patient was happy, but it continued to gain weight.It is not surprising that in a year she weighed more than before liposuction, and regretted his decision.

Liposuction requires a stable weight

The best time for liposuction is the time when your weight has stabilized as a result of diet and exercise.If you filled out before the operation, it is likely that this process will continue, and in areas where performed liposuction, new fat deposits are formed.If you lose weight, you must wait until the weight otherwise Some liposuction excess.

High skin tone

high tone of the skin - this is one of the keys to an attractive appearance after liposuction.The higher it is, the better the skin is reduced by adapting to less fat after the surgery.Several factors affect the tone of the skin.

high tone leather

Stretched skin


thick skin, both on the outer surface of

hips Absence of stretch marks

minimal previous exposure to the sun

Low skin tone

loose skin

mature and old age

Thinskin is on the outside of the thighs


Intense sun exposure prior

For example, liposuction of the outer thighs of a young woman give a better result than the same operation on the inner thighs of women of advanced age.Of course, there are exceptions, but in deciding whether liposuction should be considered five factors affecting the skin tone.

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