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Operation suspenders hands

body correction.Operation of hands-lift, which is also called brachioplasty, is to remove excess skin from the shoulders.After removal of the skin on the inner surface of the hand is the post-operative scar that runs from the armpit to the elbow.For small excess skin it may be limited to the armpit, as the skin is removed only in this area.

If the problem is excess fat, instead of the lift arms is recommended liposuction.

Operation lift arms.Complications If

lift performed by a qualified surgeon, the surgery itself and the post-operative period is likely to go smoothly.However, undesirable effects may occur even in ideal conditions.All complications - infection, bleeding, bruising, slow healing, loss of sensation and fluid accumulation (seroma) - are possible and lift the hands, although rare.

clear sign

clear sign of lift arms is postoperative scar.

satisfaction result

When lifting the hands, as in the breast lift, one aesthetic problem (saggy skin) is replaced by another (scars).Therefore, the result of satisfaction after the lift arms to a large extent depends on the amount of excess skin prior to surgery.If the skin droops not strong, then you may be disappointed with the result, and dissatisfied with postoperative scars.When moderate or severe degree of sagging, you most likely will be satisfied and will consider that the procedure gave the desired result.

What to expect: The operation suspenders hands

• Anesthesia: intravenous anesthesia and general anesthesia.

• Place of operation: the doctor's office or hospital.

• Duration of operation: 2 to 3 hours.

• Duration of hospital stay: not required (statement on the same day).

• Discomfort: weak or medium level.Expect to take pain medication for 2-5 days.

• Swelling: in the first week after surgery can greatly swell the shoulders, forearms and hands.From this it helps squeezing and squeezing wear gloves (ask the surgeon where to get them).Edema considerably reduced after 2-4 weeks and usually disappear completely after 4-8 weeks.

• Bandages: removed after 1-4 days.

• Seams: most plastic surgeons use absorbable threads, which do not require removal.If the physician is using non-absorbable thread, the sutures are removed in 7-10 days.

• Drainage: drainage if it is placed, removed 1-10 days after surgery.

• The appearance in a bathing suit: in 2-4 weeks.During the year, be sure to apply sunscreen (SPF 15-40) on postoperative scars that may be exposed to direct sunlight, as it may cause discoloration.

• Work: to work, you can come back in 1 week, on condition that by the time you stopped taking painkillers.If your duties involve lifting weights, you should wait 2-4 weeks.

• Driving: allowed to get behind the wheel as soon as you stop taking painkillers.

• Exercise: You can resume in 2-4 weeks.

• Final result: visible after the final scar will be delayed - in 1-2 years.

lift arms - is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries that do after strong diet.Women who make the skin tightening in different zones, often said that it is the operation brought them the greatest satisfaction as saggy skin on the hands was a constant reminder of their former weight.Some patients claimed that only after that they feel like a different person, more fit and healthy.In addition, compared with other operations for lifting sagging skin, lifting of hands takes less time, is associated with less discomfort and less risk, and recovery from it is faster.For this reason, many women choose to lift the hands as the first, but not the final aesthetic surgery after weight loss.It is suitable for all patients with saggy skin of the hands, but the greatest effect in those women who had lost weight.

Gabby, 38-year-old darkroom technician and mother of three children, after the installation of gastric bypass lost weight by 58 kg.To her disappointment, she still felt thick due to sagging skin.The new-look began to take shape in the patient after body contouring plastic and breast lift.But just let her hand lift the final part with his old appearance.

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