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operation to lift the hips and buttocks

Plastic Surgery.The operation to lift the hips and buttocks.Lift the outer thighs and buttocks is carried out as a single operation.Before this tightening surgeon will mark the areas from which the skin is removed.After its removal the remaining skin is tightened up and secured using sutures.

incisions and postoperative scars

After surgery, you will look much better - in clothing and in most bathing suits.However, without clothes postoperative scar is clearly visible.It will extend from hip to hip along the upper border of the buttocks.Its final appearance is difficult to predict.The scar may become pale and flat, and can expand and acquire an ugly look.Do not expect that it will be imperceptible;Healing takes place in this region is worse than others.Scar manages to hide in a closed bathing suit, but in a bikini, it can be seen.

If you attach great importance to

the position of the seam, ask the surgeon to make incisions so that the postoperative scar hiding bathing suit.Most surgeons agree to it.

operation to lift the hips and buttocks.Complications If

lift performed by a qualified surgeon, the surgery itself and the post-operative period is likely to go smoothly.However, complications can occur even in ideal conditions.

Risks of surgery lift the outer surface of the thigh and buttocks are the same as the risks of the operation tightening the inner thigh, but the likelihood of complications is slightly higher.

What to expect: the tightening of the external surface of the thighs and buttocks

• Anesthesia: general anesthesia.

• Place of operation: Hospital.

• The duration of the operation: 3 to 5 hours.

• Duration of hospital stay: day or two.

• Discomfort: medium or severe degree.Expect to take pain medication for 5-10 days.

• Swelling: disappear within 2-4 weeks.

• Bandages: removed after 1-4 days.

• Seams: most plastic surgeons use absorbable threads, which do not require removal.If the physician is using non-absorbable thread, remove them in 7-10 days.

• Drainage: drainage if it is placed, removed 1-10 days after surgery.

• The appearance in a bathing suit: in 2-4 weeks.During the year, be sure to apply sunscreen (SPF 15-40) on postoperative scars that may be exposed to direct sunlight, as it may cause discoloration.

• Work: to work, you can return within 1-3 weeks, if by the time you stopped taking painkillers.If your job requires heavy lifting, you should wait 4 weeks.

• Driving: allowed to drive in 2 weeks, provided that you have stopped taking painkillers.

• Exercise: you can gradually resume in 4-6 weeks.

• Final result: visible after the final scar will be delayed - in 1-2 years.

clear sign

clear sign of lifting the outer surface of the thigh and buttocks is the postoperative scar.

cost in the United States total cost suspenders outer thigh and buttocks is in the range of 5,000 to 8,000 dollars.The average price of tightening the outer surface of the thigh and buttocks apart, and together with the tummy tuck is:

Without abdomi-

With abdomi-



fee surgeon

$ 4200

$ 7500

fee anesthesiologist

$ 1000

$ 1300

Rent operating

$ 1300

$ 1800


cost overnights

$ 600

$ 600



$ 7100

$ 11,200

satisfaction result

satisfaction result of the operation is closely linked to the degree of sagging skin to it.Therefore, if the deficiency is not very noticeable, you may be disappointed with the result, and dissatisfied with the remaining scars.When moderate or severe degree of sagging skin, you most likely will be satisfied and will assume that the operation gave the desired result.

lift the outer surface of the thigh and buttocks can get rid of excess skin in these areas and to restore an external contour of the thighs.Some women have a decrease in signs of cellulite.Daring to lift this, you have to prepare for a big operation and noticeable scars.In the end, you will likely be pleased with the choice made and are satisfied with their appearance.

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