Operation on abdominal correction

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Operation on abdominal correction

Plastic Surgery.Operation on abdominal correction.There are several ways to perform the correction of the abdomen.The most common method is called full abdomino plastic and includes four stages:

1. Removal of most of the skin and fat on the site in the form of a horizontal oval between the navel and pubic hair growth abroad.

2. The tension of the plantar fascia using sutures.

3. Move the navel (belly button is actually remains in place, but only the surrounding skin is moved).

4. Skin Staple on the border of pubic hair growth.

incisions and postoperative scars

incisions can be positioned so that the scars were below the bikini line.Due to the fact that fashion swimwear changed, make sure that the cut was in the right place, if that's important to you.The scar may extend from one hip to the other, but it is possible to make it shorter for some women.As with any surg

ery, the final appearance of the scar is determined by the individual characteristics.If during operation the skin was moved around the navel, a scar will remain in this area.In addition, possible small vertical scar above the pubic hair, if it is impossible to remove all the skin of the lower abdomen.

Operation on abdominal correction.Modified technique

For women with certain individual characteristics have been developed modified standard technique stomach correction.

1. Mini-abdominoplasty.This operation involves the removal of skin from the lower abdomen, but without moving the skin around the navel and skin tightening upper abdomen.It is more suitable for women with thin elastic fascia, but the stretched abdomen skin.When miniabdominoplastike incisions are shorter and there is no scar around the belly button, but the upper part of the abdomen is the same.

Myth on strengthening muscles

Some plastic surgeons tell patients that they "will strengthen the muscles" in the process of operation tummy tuck, because it's easier than to give a detailed explanation, but in deche these doctors simply pull the fascia.At the same time lying under the fascia muscle move closer to the center, but the surgeon tightens them.During surgery, the muscles are not even exposed.

2. Surgical removal of excess fat.Excess fat and skin hanging in the lower abdomen in the form of an apron.Women with fat apron usually have excess weight, which is associated with the full abdominoplasty with increased risk during the healing process.So instead of the standard surgery patients recommend the surgical removal of excess fat.In this operation, the surgeon removes the hanging skin in the lower abdomen, but do not touch fascia and the upper part.Surgical removal of excess fat and mini-abdominoplasty are similar in that limited underbelly.But miniabdominoplastika shows thin women who do not have an upper part of the stomach problems, while the surgical removal of excess fat is recommended to patients suffering from obesity, which is not suitable abdominoplasty because of problems with wound sutures.

3. Conservative liposuction with a full abdominoplasty.This operation is performed by some surgeons and is best suited for women who want to make a conservative liposuction of the abdomen and flanks.Because of possible problems with the healing of joints "aggressive" abdominal liposuction is not performed simultaneously with the full tightening.

4. Endoscopic abdominoplasty.With this method the surgeon uses an endoscope to tighten the fascia, but does not remove the skin.Liposuction of the abdomen may be deeper, because when a small incision is less disturbed blood supply needed for healing joint.scar length can not exceed a few inches.This operation is the most suitable for women with weakened fascia, but with no loose skin.Due to the fact that the weakened fascia is usually accompanied by sagging skin, this method is rarely used.

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