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laser removal of stretch marks

Laser therapy.Removal of stretch marks with a laser.Some doctors argue that the laser skin treatment makes stretch marks less visible, but there is no scientific evidence for this.Lasers have proven effective in the removal, evaporation and destruction of tissues, but not in their recovery.Stretching - is impaired tissue structure, and therefore one should not expect improvements by treating it with a laser beam.Laser technologies continue to evolve, and perhaps in the future the laser will turn into an effective tool to combat stretch marks.In the meantime, you should be careful.Removal of stretch marks - this is an area dominated by false allegations.

Julie, 35-year-old mother of three children, wanted to restore the flat, tight stomach, as in his youth.After three pregnancies she had loose skin, weakened fascia and clear excess fat.It was obvious that liposuction alone will not he

lp, because they do not correct the loose skin and weakened fascia.Only abdominoplasty is also inadequate because it can help not removed the excess fat in the upper abdomen.To achieve the desired results stomach correction was made to the patient, and in four months - liposuction.Julia would have preferred that both operations are carried out simultaneously, but was grateful for the absence of complications, and was pleased with the result.

laser removal of stretch marks.Anna, a 43-year-old data processing specialist, wanted to get rid of stretch marks on the abdomen with a laser.She was surprised and disappointed to learn that laser treatment does not allow to get rid of its problems.After inspection, it became clear that the defect will help eliminate the aesthetic abdominoplasty.The operation will remove the excess skin below the navel - along with stretch marks - and make the stomach more flat.

stomach correction can make the waist narrower, because the fascia tightens.However, this operation is not able to narrow down the thigh.As a result, compared with a small waist, they will look even wider.Therefore, the plastic surgeon may recommend liposuction thighs in addition to abdominoplasty.

should not think that the doctor you impose unnecessary operation.If you have wide hips, you should consider combining the two operations to get the best result.

problems waist

Most women after abdominoplasty are enjoying a thinner waistline, but some complain that as a result of operations increased waist circumference.One possible explanation - a swelling, which can be considerable.Another reason is that if the lower abdomen to tighten stronger than the middle and upper, the abdominal organs pripodnimut slightly increasing waist circumference.

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