How to explore your belly

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How to explore your belly

few tips on how to investigate your stomach.Stand in front of a mirror and carefully examine his naked belly.Do not strain your muscles.Relax.You should evaluate the following aspects: skin, fat and fascia.

Leather Grip the skin in the abdomen with your fingers.Check whether you will connect the skin around the navel with the skin on the border of the pubic hair growth.If yes, then you obviously loose skin.


Tighten your abdominal muscles to his stomach became flat.In this state, the fingers grip the fold of skin and fat on the abdomen.If you manage to collect more than a handful, then you have a clear excess fat.Voltage abdominal muscles to distinguish the excess fat from the weakened fascia.

How to explore your belly.Fascia

fascia and rectus abdominis determine its tone and appearance.Fascia - the connective tissue is dense white.The wide layer of fascia extends from the chest to

the pubic bone.It is designed to hold the contents of the stomach inside the abdominal cavity.Exercise increases muscle tone straight, but do not affect the tone of the fascia.

During pregnancy stretch the fascia, adapting to the growing fetus.After birth, the rectus abdominis muscles can restore the tone of - depending on the degree of stretching during pregnancy, your age and the total number of pregnancies.Some women have excellent muscle tone compensates stretched fascia.

Turn sideways to the mirror and tighten your stomach.You will see how its appearance affects muscle tone.When the muscles are relaxed, the stomach determines the kind of mostly fascia.The obvious difference with the tension and relaxation of muscles indicates the degree of weakness of the fascia if it is substantial, then you greatly stretched fascia.This is a very important point.When the plantar fascia stretched its tension during abdominoplasty is one of the means to achieve a beautiful belly, because liposuction does not eliminate the problem.


Stand in front of a mirror and try to objectively assess their hips.Do you see the smooth, rounded lines, outlining the waist and hips?Or your thighs form a bulge resembling contour cello?

Finally, ask someone from the family to push your hand on your stomach to make it flat.If this happens, then abdominoplasty can get a flat stomach - provided a good enough fascia.If we do not succeed, then you are likely to have excess visceral fat, and the desired effect using the abdominoplasty is reached.

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