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plastic correction Belly

Aesthetic Surgery.Plastic stomach correction.Correction of the abdomen, also known as abdominoplasty, - an operation designed for women after pregnancy or women, first to recover, and then lost weight.In both cases, the anterior abdominal wall stretching can cause bulging and flabby belly.

term "stomach correction" is misleading, since the allegedly involves a simple and safe operation.In fact, abdominoplasty can not be called simple or devoid of risk.This is a serious operation, and its consequences can be serious too.If the surgeon called small stomach surgery correction, refer to a specialist.

stomach correction or liposuction

Women often ask how best to remove the flabby stomach - with the help of liposuction or abdominoplasty.The answer depends on what caused the problem: loose skin, excess fat, the weakening of the abdominal fascia, or a combination of all these factors.To find out wh

y, see the article "investigate your stomach."

Angie, 39-year-old mother of three children, strangers often asked when she should give birth.She had a bulging belly, but she was not pregnant, and such questions are very confused and upset her.After correction of the abdomen, it began to wear clothes four sizes too small and no longer worry about what looks like a pregnant woman.

stomach correction as an alternative to liposuction

Plastic stomach correction.Abdominoplasty removes problems such as excess skin, excess fat and fascia is weakened.If you have them, you are not satisfied with the results of liposuction.In this case, you best stomach correction.

stomach correction in conjunction with liposuction

Correction removes only fat from the lower abdomen.If you have a lot of excess fat in the upper abdomen, loose skin and weakened fascia, you may need and abdominoplasty, and liposuction.However, simultaneous execution of these operations, some women may increase the risk of complications.For this reason, many surgeons do not combine abdominoplasty and liposuction, and recommend that they shared at least three months.

But some surgeons perform liposuction of the abdomen restricted simultaneously with its correction.Most doctors will not do extensive liposuction.Simultaneous liposuction of other areas such as the thighs, does not increase the likelihood of complications on the skin of the abdomen.


during rapid weight gain the skin stretches, adapting to the increasing volume of the body.Flexibility allows it some time withstand considerable tension as during pregnancy.However, this ability of the skin has a limit, and there comes a time when the inner layers of the skin are torn, rather than stretch further.When this outer layer is not damaged, but it looks thin, and lines appear on it, which are called extensions.Once appeared, stretching will not disappear.Stretch marks in the lower abdomen are removed during abdominoplasty, "but around the navel and above, they usually stay. Fortunately, most stretch marks are formed just in the lower abdomen.

Cindy, 39-year-old photographer, requested abdominal liposuction. Whenexamination revealed that she had loose skin, excess fat and weakened fascia, and therefore it would be better to make abdominoplasty. The patient insisted on liposuction, because I thought belly correction too large operation, after which remain too long scars. She made a liposuction from another surgeonbut - not surprisingly - is not got rid of the protruding belly and sagging skin eventually Cindy made abdominoplasty and was pleased with the result of hindsight, she regretted that did not heed the advice of

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