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lift the skin of the abdomen

body correction.Tummy Tuck skin.Correction of the abdomen (abdominoplasty), lift the inner thighs, lift the outer thighs and buttocks contour of the whole body and lift hands

Many women at some time in their lives are faced with the effects of weight gain and subsequent weight loss.Sometimes it is associated with pregnancy.But regardless of the reasons for the change in weight leads to sagging abdominal skin, thighs and buttocks.Women seeking to get rid of this problem, usually resort to the help of diet and exercise, but soon discover that their efforts - even successful - do not make the skin supple.

Fortunately, a solution has to offer plastic surgery.If you are concerned about the bulging stomach or loose skin, you can help the stomach correction.When sagging skin inner thighs can be done tightening the inner thighs.The outer part of the thigh and buttocks lift corrects this zone.If the ski

n on the hands hang down, in this case, will help lift arms.For those who have problems arise in several areas, it is recommended contour of the whole body, combining the correction of the abdomen, inner thighs, outer surface

liposuction or tightening of the skin of the abdomen

liposuction removes some fat, but hardly tightens the skin.As a rule, it is removed only fat that makes your body slimmer, while the lift, which removes grease and eliminates laxity of the skin, makes your body slimmer and younger.

However, these operations may not be suitable for all women: they are associated with a serious risk and therefore require careful consideration.To find out if you find this surgery is indicated, consult a plastic surgeon who is experienced in the body contour correction.

tension sagging skin without surgery

for tightening skin rather successfully used radio frequency lift that allows you to avoid surgery or to delay it.Attempts to apply this method to tighten the loose skin of the body has not yet been successful, but if it will be improved, in the future radio frequency lift can be a very effective means for sagging skin of hands, feet and torso.

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