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operation breast lift

body correction.Operation breast lift.The main symptom of breast lift - it scars.Another clear sign of the operation - it is unnaturally high the nipple.

High nipple

If after surgery nipples are too high, it looks unnatural.Over time, the defect can be exacerbated because the breast tissue will be omitted, and the nipple will remain in place.Attempts to rectify the situation led to the emergence of new scar around the areola.

Enlarged nipples

enhanced, or hypertrophic, called nipples, which increased to such an extent (usually as a result of breast-feeding) that hang below the areola.Oddly enough, such a defect is more common in women with small breasts.Correction is carried out surgically - the nipple is lowered by removing the excess skin around the areola.This operation can be done under local anesthesia.When using bupivacaine, a long-acting local anesthetic, you will be able on the same day t

o return to work.The average cost of the procedure is $ 1,500.

breast lift operation.Cost

In the United States the total cost of breast lift is in the range from 4000 to 9000 dollars.Average cost:

surgeon's fee of $ 4,000

anesthesiologist fee $ 900 Rental operating

(equipment) $ 1,200 Total $


If you combine an increase in breast cancer with the tightening, the cost of operation may vary from 9,000 to 12,000 dollars.

Questions to the plastic surgeon

Will the implants without braces solve the problem of a lowered breast?

Show, which will be located scars from surgery.How long will the result of breast lift in my case?

satisfaction result

Mastopexy eliminates aesthetic problem saggy breasts, but there is another problem - post-surgical scars.Women who are aware of the shortcomings of breast lift and consciously choosing surgery usually are satisfied with the result.Frustration can be associated with complications, misconceptions about scars or repeated omission chest.

recommendations and warnings

Get ready for the appearance of scars.In general, the greater the breast ptosis, the longer scars.

With a weak degree of breast ptosis scars are located just around the areola.In moderate to severe degree of prolapse reduction in the length of the scar may cause effects such as flattening of the chest or the formation of stretch marks.

Before doing mastopexy wait the birth of the last child.Give up smoking and nicotine medications for 2-4 weeks prior to surgery.

Consider the possibility of repeated omission, if you have large breasts.The larger the breasts, the more sagging, and the sooner it will appear.

Mastopexy allows to some extent, to turn back time, rejuvenating the chest and without changing its volume.If you want to increase the mammary glands, the lift can be performed simultaneously with the installation of the implants.The main drawback of this operation - it scars.Small breasts and scars - these are two different aesthetic problems, and every woman should itself decide whether it fits such an exchange.

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