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aesthetic limitations breast lift

Consider what the aesthetic limitations breast lift.If you have come to the conclusion that breast lift, you should consider the aesthetic limitations of the procedure.


operation for breast lift is designed so that all the scars were at or below the areola.They are not visible in ordinary clothes and most swimwear.Immediately after surgery scars can be red, black and bulging.Over time, they fade and soften - a few months or years.Like any scars, they may turn pale and become almost invisible, or, conversely, can be wide and bulging.The final appearance of the scar can not be predicted.

scars remain for a lifetime.Not all women are willing to put up with them, even if well-protracted and almost invisible.Many patients with mild degree of breast ptosis, who wanted to make the lift, refuse operation, having learned about these consequences.Agree to exchange saggy breast s

cars are usually women with moderate to severe degree of breast ptosis.

aesthetic breast lift restrictions.Breast Form

Breast lift leads to a raising of the areola and skin tension, but not necessarily restores the shape of the upper half of the breast, which still may look sunken.If you are concerned and want to increase it, along with the tightening should be done breast augmentation.

aesthetic breast lift restrictions.The height of the chest

areola breast lift raises, but does not raise the submammary fold.In women with low brisket this problem will fold and after surgery.From the position of submammary fold it depends on how high you can raise the nipple and therefore in these patients is not always possible to achieve the desired result.This category of women fall more often, much better, and then grown thin.

Big breasts

Due to the fact that the repeated omission of the mammary glands after the lift largely depends on their size, for women with large breasts and the degree of probability of repeated omission is higher than in women with small breasts.In the worst case, a patient with very large breasts may find that three months after the operation, her breasts have fallen to their previous level, but now they also have the scars.These women are advised to have surgery for breast reduction surgery, during which the breast lift and reduce.

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