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female breast lift

body correction.Lifting of the female breast (or mastopexy) improves its position, but does not affect the volume.Mastopexy is quite different from breast augmentation surgery.It is designed for women whose breasts have fallen as a result of pregnancy, weight loss or aging, and, like the rest of aesthetic surgery, is not devoid of drawbacks.

Causes of breast ptosis

Small breasts - an unpleasant consequence of increasing breast size, age, and pregnancy.Each of these stretches the skin causes the breast, and because the maintenance of the mammary glands is responsible skin laxity it leads to sagging breasts, which is also referred to as "breast ptosis."

If your skin is elastic and has a good tone, it will support the breast.Otherwise, the mammary glands are omitted.

size and age

size of the mammary glands - the most important factor of their omission.As the breast increases, the force of gravity pulls

it down more.Breast skin is stretched, and its tone decreases.Age also contributes - the skin gets thinner with age and less resistant to the action of gravity.However, the size of the breast is more important than age.For example, 18-year-old woman with large breasts sagging is usually stronger than the 50-year-old woman - a little.

breast augmentation or lift a woman's breast

Breast augmentation surgery make breasts bigger, but does not raise the nipples or breasts themselves.A breast lift raises the nipples, but does not affect the volume of the breast.These are two different operations, and goals are different, but if a woman wants to increase the volume and lift the chest, they can be executed simultaneously.

Pregnancy During pregnancy the breasts grow, stretching the skin.After birth, they are reduced, but the skin may remain stretched.Often, the skin tone is reduced, and the breast droops, what happens during each pregnancy, and therefore it is better to postpone breast lift before the birth of the last child.

degrees of breast ptosis

Plastic surgeons evaluate the degree of breast ptosis on the Status of the teat relative to the fold under the breast, which is also called submammary fold.The ideal position of the nipple - above the fold, but under the influence of time and gravity chest gradually lowered.

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