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Precautions before surgery breast augmentation

Plastic Surgery.Precautions before surgery for breast augmentation.For most women fit round implants.They provide the same aesthetic effect as teardrop-shaped, do not limit the type of implant surface, eliminate the potential problem of its rotation, and the cost of them below.

Ask saline implants filled to its maximum volume in order to reduce the risk of rupture, the formation of the ripple and squelch.

Do not count on a narrow valley between the breasts, if you set wide apart, and you have selected the location of the implant subpektoralnoe.The operation does not alter the shape of the glands - only volume.Keep in mind that small breasts with salt endoprostheses will be pretty dense to look at and to touch.If this does not suit you, choose a silicone implant.

If you do not want to surrounding guessed that you had surgery for breast augmentation, f

or several months before surgery using pads in a bra, gradually increasing them, and wear tight clothes.After surgery, wear loose clothing and complain that recovered.

Precautions before surgery for breast augmentation.If you are over 35 years, before the operation you will be sent on a mammogram.Women who have a mother or sister suffered from breast cancer should be aware that they are at increased risk and that the implants are creating barriers to mammography.These patients recommended placing the implants under the muscle, creating fewer obstacles for the procedure.

Women who can not come to terms with the loss of sensitivity of the nipple or breast skin, do not do breast augmentation surgery.

Women who can not come to terms with the necessity of another surgery, not to do breast augmentation surgery.If you have a breast often appears acne, ask your plastic surgeon prescribe "Bactria" and start taking the drug for a week prior to surgery.Acne is associated with bacteria, and its removal reduces the risk of infection and capsular contracture.Refrain from exercise for 3-4 weeks after surgery to minimize swelling and the risk of accumulation of serous fluid and hematoma formation.

Find out the cost of visits to the plastic surgeon after the operation, as required for implant monitoring throughout life.Ask the surgeon to use during surgery bupivacaine, a local anesthetic is a long-acting, to reduce pain in the recovery period.This drug is only valid for 24 hours, but pain relief immediately after surgery significantly reduce the overall discomfort, when the action of bupivacaine is already over.After surgery, ask your surgeon about her copy of the report with the identity card of the implant supplied by the manufacturer.It is advisable to have copies of these important documents, as most surgeons keep their records only seven years.

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