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Repeated breast augmentation surgery

Plastic Surgery.Repeated breast augmentation surgery.On the Internet you will find numerous allegations that the life of breast implants is ten years, after which they must be replaced.It is not true.No matter how old your implants - ten, twenty, or thirty - no need to change them, if you do not have a problem.Many complications requiring reoperation and implant replacements are identified in the first three months (eg, infection, hematoma, asymmetry, displacement, incorrect position).Therefore, if in a few months after surgery, no problems, it may never occur.Other defects such as rippling or wrinkling may occur after weight loss or as they age.Rupture of implants and capsular contracture may happen at any moment, and that these problems are the main aging implants.But if all goes well, a second operation and replacement of the implant is not necessary.Some women insist o

n repeated surgery due to age-related changes, but it is not related to the implant.Finally, problems such as loss of sensation or pain, do not require surgery, because it does not eliminate them.

Not all women who have installed the prosthesis, you will need a second operation, but it would be reasonable to expect that one of the above reasons, sooner or later it is still needed.

If you change your mind

Breast implants can be removed at any time.However, it is possible that the natural shape of your breasts changed due to the reduction of breast or skin stretching.Reduction, or atrophy of the breast is determined by both the aging and the pressure on her from the endoprosthesis.Do not expect that, after removal of the implant position corrected.

Rumors of a ten-year period

Most likely, the rumor that the implant should be replaced every ten years, arose from the silicone implants with a thin shell, which were used in the 70s and 80s.XX century.The shell of these implants was so thin that the 10-year period, the likelihood of implant rupture and the formation of capsular contracture was very great.Silicone implants, which were used after the lifting of the ban in 2006, have a thicker skin, so the probability of rupture and capsular contracture formation they should be much less.

Repeated breast augmentation surgery.Questions to the plastic surgeon

What do you recommend implant placement: over the muscle or under the muscle?Which implant you advise me:

• saline or silicone gel;

• smooth or rough;

• round or teardrop?Where incision will be made?Do you plan to fill the saline implant to the maximum?Can I take medications to relax the muscles after surgery?

What is your policy regarding the re-operation?

When the breast increases, the skin of the mammary glands is stretched to fit the size of the endoprosthesis.When the implant is removed, the skin can shrink quite a bit or extended stay.The degree of skin contraction depends on the age, how long was the endoprosthesis, and of its volume.We are not very young woman with an implant a large amount established many years ago, breast skin will be stretched.The young woman with a small implant volume is quite compressed.If within six months there is no improvement, you can resort to lift the breasts.

decision on breast augmentation surgery is not easy to take, especially considering the fact that after the implant is likely repeat surgery.Despite the fact that the implants do not carry health risks associated with their installation of numerous risks.Women who are aware of these difficulties and still reshivshiesya on operation, refer to the category of plastic surgery patients who are most satisfied with the results.

Lori, 33-year-old agent for the sale of computers, was so pleased with their implants, after a few servings of alcohol a crowded family picnic she proudly unbuttoned her blouse to show off the new breast.After that, two of her relatives decided to increase the chest, and one man even wanted to put implants pectoral muscles.

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