The aesthetic aspects of breast implants

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aesthetic aspects of breast implants

Also the size and shape of the implant surgery to increasebreast has other aesthetic aspects.Consider the aesthetic aspects of breast implants.

whether implants is lowered?

Chat rooms and Internet forums are filled with discussions about whether implants are lowered a few weeks after surgery.this does not happen in most cases.You have to understand that after the operation, especially when subpektoralnom placement, body secretes serous fluid in the implant pocket, which causes swelling and a noticeable increase in breast volume.Some women take the resultant bulge of the implant, although in fact it is serous fluid - when it will be absorbed and the swelling subsides, it seems that the implant is dropped.But most likely not change its position.

aesthetic aspects of breast implants.The asymmetry of the breasts

asymmetry of the breasts have all women.One breast is higher

or more other or different in shape.Pacifiers may have a different size, shape, position or height.Her cleavage is asymmetric.A plastic surgeon is likely to draw your attention to the existing asymmetry prior to the operation.It is important that you have seen it, and realized that, except for the difference in the size of the breast, this asymmetry will not disappear and will not decrease after the operation.In fact, the asymmetry may become even more pronounced - just because you stared at her breasts after surgery.

aesthetic aspects of breast implants.What to expect

• Anesthesia: intravenous anesthesia or general anesthesia.

• Place of operation: the doctor's office or hospital.

• Duration of surgery: 1 to 2 hours.

• Duration of hospital stay: not required (statement on the same day).

• Discomfort: weak or medium level at the implant above the muscle and medium or severe degree of the installation under the muscle.Expect to take pain medication for 3-7 days.Ask to use a long-acting anesthetic that will be useful to you in the first night after surgery.Assist as muscle relaxants, especially in subpektoralnom location of the implant.

• Bruises: disappear in 5-10 days.Many women have bruises did not happen.

• Swelling: Maximum for 3-5 days after surgery.During this period, you may feel as in "stay" of milk after childbirth.Usually swelling more with subpektoralnom placement of the implant than with subglandular.After 10-14 days after surgery resorbed from 50 to 75% of edema.One month - 75 to 90% of the edema disappears while the rest is still in a month or two.Swelling may be stronger when Athletic or premature resumption of intensive training.

• Violation of sensitivity: temporary numbness may persist from 2 weeks to 2 years.The risk of permanent loss of sensitivity is 15%.

• Bandages: removed after 1-7 days.

• Seams: most surgeons use absorbable threads, which are located under the skin and do not require removal.If the physician is using non-absorbable sutures, stitches will be removed after 5-7 days.

• Support: within 1-4 weeks, you should wear a sports bra or elastic bandage.Do not wear a bra with the "pits", while the surgeon will not allow.

• Work: you can return to work after 3-7 days when you install the implants above the muscle, and after 5-10 days at implant under the muscle.If your duties involve lifting weights, you should wait 2 to 4 weeks before you leave for work, and obtain prior approval of the plastic surgeon.

• Exercise: You can resume in 2-4 weeks.

• Final result: visible after 1-4 months, depending on the amount of edema.

pronounced asymmetry

In some women, the asymmetry is so great that their breasts differ by more than one number bra.In this case the situation can be corrected in several ways.

First, you must determine the desired breast size.Would you like to both breasts have become smaller than the lower, or more than most?Or they have become like one of them before the surgery?Or do you prefer average size?Whatever your choice in order to achieve symmetry applies a combination of the increase, lift and breast reduction - often with excellent results.

hollow between the breasts

hollows View more dependent on the distance between the breasts than their size.According to cultural traditions, closely spaced, they are considered more attractive.For this reason, many women want breast augmentation after they formed a deep furrow between the breasts.Unfortunately, this effect is not always possible.The probability of obtaining a narrow hollows depends on the distance between the iron before surgery and on the implant location - above the muscle or under the muscle.

Women who have breasts before surgery were widely separated and who have chosen the location subpektoralnoe implants should not expect significant changes, because the pectoral muscles attached to the ribs and sternum, prevent the formation of a narrow hollows.In this sense, a more effective implant mounted above the muscle.Note that the potential danger in an effort to achieve a narrow hollows is simmastiya.

breast omission

In short, breast ptosis is a condition when the nipple sags to the level of the fold under the breast or lower.Implants do not affect the breast height and therefore can not lift drooping nipples.However, due to the fact that in some cases the implants lowered crease under the breast, this problem may be less severe or less noticeable - breast ptosis if not very strong.Nevertheless, the most effective means to combat this phenomenon is a breast lift.


Breast augmentation surgery does not remove stretch marks.Moreover, the new stretch marks may form, although the probability of this is very small.

forms of breast

Breast augmentation surgery changes in the bulk, not the shape of the breast.Sometimes one is not enough to increase.An example is the conical breasts, narrow and long.If the plastic surgeon says that you have conical gland, their shape can be changed using the implant, but it is additionally required to cut the fiber bundles in the breast, due to which it is shaped.

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