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incision under the breast augmentation surgery

Plastic Surgery.Place the cut at breast augmentation surgery.The incision is made in the crease under the breast, around the areola (areola), in the armpit or in the navel.

in the crease under the breast

This incision is often called submammary, it is hidden in the natural folds of the skin below the breast.The scar from it very often practically invisible, and this access provides the surgeon excellent visibility.But if healing is bad, the scar will be visible when you are naked.If the surgeon is required to lower skin crease under the breast, to best set the implant may be a scar on the underside of the breast surface and not in the crease.In women with asymmetrical breast scars will also be asymmetric.One major advantage of this cut is that it enables the implants omitted if necessary after their installation.This will help to achieve symmetry.

incision under the breast augmentation surgery.Around the areola (areola)

incision around the areola invented in order to hide the postoperative scar by placing it on the skin of the areola border and the surrounding skin of the breast.Usually the incision takes half the circumference of the areola.Due to natural variation in the color of the scar area of ​​the cut is almost invisible.Many plastic surgeons have successfully try on such a cut, which is also called periareolar.However, due to the fact that the breast is areola center of any defect, even very small, it will be visible.In addition, this cut is associated with increased risk of some loss of sensitivity of the nipple.Finally, the size of the areola incision length limits, so that women with small areola and choose a larger implant this method may not work - install the endoprosthesis will be simply impossible.

Axillary access

The use of an endoscope - a fiber optic cable as thick as a pencil and a camera on the end - through an incision in the armpit, which is called transaksillyarnym, can achieve superior esthetic results.Silicone implants come pre-filled, and therefore large implants is difficult to enter through a cut, that makes women choose a larger implant to use this option.

scar is hidden in the armpit, but if the incision has healed poorly, it can be seen when you put on evening dress, T-shirt or leotard with straps.Especially noticeable it is in women with olive or brown skin.The scar in the armpit refers to the obvious signs of the operation - in particular, it is necessary to know those who are engaged in aerobics.

incision under the breast augmentation surgery.On the navel

Breast implants can be installed through a small incision in the navel, and this procedure was called transumbilikalnoy breast augmentation.This method is suitable only for saline implants because silicone is not too large and will pass through the incision.In addition, access through the navel only applies when placing the implant subglandular as subpektoralnoe accommodation through the navel is fraught with incorrect position of the implant and hematomas.Due to the fact that subglandular placement has certain aesthetic disadvantages (for example, ripple and wrinkling) many women see in this type of incision more disadvantages than advantages.

length of postoperative scar

Saline implants are filled after installation, in which case the surgeon enough small incision (3-5 cm).On the other hand, silicone implant comes from the manufacturer already filled and require a long incision.Implants small volume (less than 350 ml) can be installed through an incision 4-6 cm long, large volume (500 ml) requires an incision of 5-8 cm.

How noticeable postoperative scar

Usually scars from breast augmentation surgery with timepale.Sometimes they are broad and ugly.The final view of their largely depends on the healing process than on the skill of the plastic surgeon.To scar took final form, it may take from one to two years.

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