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profile breast implant

Plastic Surgery.Profile breast implant.Round implants are shaped like jelly donut.Profile of the "donut" may be low, medium or high.When an equal volume of a low profile prosthesis has a larger diameter and a smaller convexity than the high profile of the implant.The average profile is intermediate.

most suitable profile is determined by your chosen breast volume and diameter.This is an objective parameter, and therefore the better choice to provide a plastic surgeon.For example, if the diameter of your breast is 13 cm, and you choose the implant 500 ml, you approach the endoprosthesis with a mean profile, the diameter of which is just equal to 13 cm. If you selected volume of 550 ml, you need an implant with a high profile, which is also equal to the diameter of 13 cm. The difference lies in the convexity of the endoprosthesis, which in the latter case any more that you can contain a larger volume.

If you choose the implant 250 ml, you will need a prosthesis with a low profile.Once again I repeat: it is an objective parameter, and it must identify the plastic surgeon.In general, from 80 to 90% of the installed implants have an average profile.About 10% have a high profile, and less than 5% - low.

profile breast implant.To allow the surgeon to choose the size of the implant: a double edged sword

If you trust to choose the size of the implant plastic surgeon, he can focus on your body size, proportional to choose implants.The disadvantage of this approach is that you may want to have a larger or smaller breasts than that which is considered appropriate by your doctor.In addition, some women breast diameter does not correspond to the proportions remaining tepa that creates the opportunity for error.Finally, some plastic surgeons tend to make their patients a chest, which they consider beautiful, not taking into account that women may have their own ideas of beauty.

However, independent choice of implant size can be a very difficult task, because you will most likely never done this.Probably the best option would be: you have an idea of ​​what you want the breast (in ml, not bra size), and a plastic surgeon helps you navigate within the selected range.Your participation is optional, because in my experience ten women with a similar physique and breast implants can choose different sizes.

It is very important revelation.The more honest you are with yourself and with a plastic surgeon regarding the desired size, the higher the probability that you will be satisfied with the result.Just remember that the final size of the breast and bra can not be guaranteed a room.

implant Filling

Saline breast implants come from the manufacturer empty.During surgery, the surgeon will fill each of them the required volume of saline.The amount of liquid inside each implant can be adjusted in the range of 25-30 ml.Filling the maximum recommended volume of the solution, which is also called overflow, reduces the risk of rupture, the formation of the ripple and squelch.Therefore, the implant manufacturers recommend overflow.Volume, less recommended, usually not welcomed by manufacturers, because it can increase the risk of violating the integrity of the shell.

Adjustable implant

Determine the final size is very difficult, so some surgeons use saline adjustable prosthesis.We controlled the implant has a small port (for adding or removing solution), located under the skin next to the mammary gland.After the surgery, the surgeon has the ability to easily and safely change the amount of filler in the endoprosthesis.The main drawback of this method is that the desired breast size is not always achievable.The doctor may remove or add no more than 50 ml of the solution, which is not very much affect the breast size.Therefore, the plastic surgeon must still determine the implant corresponding to the desired size breasts.Furthermore, additional surgery is required to remove the port.Because of these drawbacks, most surgeons do not use adjustable implants.

profile breast implant.Breaks shell

Implants filled to the minimum recommended amount of different increased risk of shell rupture compared to implants filled with the most.Their edge is constantly bend and wear out - just as worn out and become fragile edges of the paper to fold.That is why manufacturers are advised to fill the implants to the maximum recommended volume.

Education ripples and squelch

If you have a waterbed, then you may have noticed that the ripples and squelch depend on the amount of water in

Mammary glands of various sizes

If you have breasts of different sizes, thethis defect can be corrected in one of three ways.The surgeon will recommend the most suitable for your case.

1. Install implants of different sizes.Due to the fact that the implants will be different diameters, you can face a new asymmetry.However, if the difference in the amount of breast exceeds 20 ml, it is the best way.

2. Set the same implants, but to fill different volumes.This variant is most suitable for cases where the difference in the volume of the mammary glands does not exceed 20 ml.Use only saline implants because silicone comes from the manufacturer already filled, and the surgeon can not change their volume.

3. Set the same implants are filled to the same volume.The difference in the volume of the mammary glands become less noticeable because breast increase.This is the most suitable option for cases where the difference in the volume of the breast is less than 20 ml and not very worried about the patient.

Note that regardless of which breast size difference after operation is not as pronounced because both breasts increase in volume.

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