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Selects the size of the breast implant

Correction chest.Choosing a breast implant size.When selecting the size of the implant is necessary to consider several factors.

• It is useful to discuss the issue with a plastic surgeon proportions.Many women tend to enlarge breasts to make it proportional to the rest of the body, and in this case, the doctor can measure the chest to select the implant that provides a proportional increase.Other women want in up or down the size of the breast different from proportional.The disadvantage of this approach is the fact that you and a plastic surgeon may have different ideas about proportionality.

Choosing a breast implant size.Anatomical implants

teardrop implants used to be called anatomic.After the court decision, which konstatirovachos that the term "anatomical" creates high expectations among the recipients, was abandoned, and these implants were called drop-shaped.

size bra

One day a woman came to me to consult about breast augmentation surgery.Her breasts were so small that no creases even underneath.I could not determine the lower boundary of the breast, because it was virtually flat.Nevertheless, a woman told me that wearing a bra size S. The next patient, who came to see me, a woman, which I established breast implants of 350 ml.She was disappointed that he still wears a bra size A. That day, I decided not to discuss the size of the bra with my patients.Now I tell them that if they could choose a bra size to look like, how they like it, then I will be able to choose their size impchantatov.But I do not know the bra size because it is not standardized.

Ask your doctor or samples endoprosthesis model.You can invest in a bra to choose the most suitable size.For this purpose, also use balloons (a difficult task) filled with water.If you have a plastic surgeon gauge models, wear tight-fitting sports bra (or two), which will give a more accurate estimate.Use to define the size of the plastic bags filled with rice, does not make sense, because they do not repeat the form of the breast.

If you want to have big breasts, do not hesitate to talk about it.The plastic surgeon will be able to provide you the desired result only if you openly tell him about their purposes.This is the wrong time for modesty.Nevertheless, we should not forget that large implants tend to shift down.Consider this fact, if you want to choose very large implants.

Despite the fact that the volume of 30 ml seems great, in fact it is quite a bit.Thus, for example, do not suffer, choosing between the implant 360 and the implant ml volume of 390 ml.They are almost the same, so if you fit one or the other and fit.Conversely, if you come to the conclusion (after operation), the volume of 360 ml was not sufficient, then 390 ml of the same would be insufficient.If you have narrowed the range of choices to two or three dimensions, I recommend that you stay on the biggest - that choice is usually brings greater satisfaction.


volume required


for breast augmentation

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100-200 ml


150-250 ml


200-300 ml


250-350 ml

Difficulties in choosing implant size

following factors that can complicate the choice of breast implant size.

• Do not be guided by photos of other women: they can be misleading, especially when another height, weight and volume of the thorax.

• Do not assume advertising: there is no way to determine the implant, providing size, as in advertising.

• Do not ask the endoprosthesis of the same size as that of a friend, breast augmentation that you feel beautiful: this approach is suitable only for identical twins.

• Do not choose a smaller implant size in the hope that "no one will notice."Women who do so, and then complain: "No one noticed!»

• Do not choose a larger implant than you want to, because "the Internet all say that it is right."Do not be fooled when you think about the size, and then you are likely to choose the appropriate option.

Nadine, 30-year-old corporate law specialist, did not want her breasts were too large and attracted attention during business negotiations, but wanted to increase it enough to justify the operation itself.She liked several sizes of implants, and she chose the biggest among them.The diameter of the selected implant is also consistent with the diameter of her breast, and she was very pleased with the end result.

Janet, 28-year-old illustrator, has spent a lot of time to choose the implant size.However, immediately after surgery, she concluded, I had made a mistake, and her breasts are too large.She was assured that it was established that the implant, which she chose, and of the volume due to edema, and her response is associated with a sharp increase in mammary glands, to which the woman was not ready.Janet reluctantly agreed to wait a while before making a final decision.Four weeks later, she said she was accustomed to the new breast, but breast looks too small.She was persuaded to wait a little longer.Two months later, Janet was fully satisfied with the selected size.

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