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Breast plastic implants

Plastic Surgery.Breast plastic implants.The outer surface of the implant can be smooth or rough.After the operation, the type of surface can be determined.


Rough (textured) implants have a surface similar to rough sandpaper.They were developed because supposedly reduce the risk of capsular contracture.However, it soon became clear that this was not the case.Implants with a rough surface often causes the formation of the ripple as well as the accumulation of serous fluid.For these reasons, only a small number of surgeons use saline implants with a rough surface.

Nevertheless, in one case, such implants have a clear advantage, if they - silicone teardrop shape.In 2007, these implants have not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but plastic surgeons achieve this approval.Silicone implants are filled with tear-shaped gel denser than round.They retain their shape better wh

ile remaining soft and natural.Because of the greater likelihood of gel density ripples have less, despite the rough surface.All teardrop-shaped implants - textured, it does not allow them to rotate or flip.Thus, when choosing a teardrop-shaped implants only option will be a rough surface.

Breast plastic implants.Smooth surface

the advantages of smooth surface are less likely to ripple formation and accumulation of fluid.For these reasons, most plastic surgeons prefer it smooth implants.

implant form

Implants are drop-shaped or circular.Round implants are shaped buns for hamburgers.Drop-shaped implants in the bottom part is thicker than at the top.

teardrop implants

lower part of the breast fuller than the top, and for this reason, many plastic surgeons prefer the teardrop-shaped implants.According to them, these implants give a more natural result.Other experts believe that the form of this question does not matter, especially with regard to saline implants - in the process of wound healing, they still take a round shape.

With its teardrop shaped implants require a specific orientation - to the thickened portion located below.Their disadvantage is that they can be rotated after surgery.As a result, the breast looks unnatural.To combat this defect in the surface drop-shaped implants roughened, but the probability is still turning up to 10-20%.In addition, teardrop-shaped implants are more round.Because of these drawbacks, plastic surgeons are applying teardrop-shaped implants, offer them only to women with very small breasts - otherwise, after the operation the upper part of the breast in patients ironed unnatural "round".

Breast plastic implants.Round implants

Round implants have several advantages.They rotate freely under the breast, without any aesthetic effects.They can have a smooth or rough surface, and they are cheaper.When a woman is, the implant filler naturally collects in the bottom of the breast, making it more complete, and therefore the need for guttate implant is eliminated.

Ambiguity "full" assessment submuskulyarnogo location

Some plastic surgeons are promoting "full" submuskulyarnoe location of the implant as a counter part.When "full" location endoprosthesis 100% closed muscles: pectoralis major covers the upper-half of the internal implant, serratus anterior - externally-outer, and latissimus dorsi - Lower-outer part.Partial submuskulyarnom location, which is also called subpektoralnym, pectoral muscle only covers the upper-half of the interior of the implant.Specialists of promoting "full" submuskulyarnoe location of the implant, argue that it provides a thicker "cushion" between the endoprosthesis and the skin, causing the implant to probe harder or see, especially its lower outer half.Other plastic surgeons argue that "full" submuskulyarnoe location anatomically feasible, indicating that the attempt to combine the three muscles of the implant leads to deformation of the breast, which becomes an unnatural shape.

truth likely lies somewhere in the middle.

size implants

correct choice of implant size - it is one of the most difficult aspects of the operation.The fact that the brassiere sizes are not standardized.They may vary by manufacturer and even from the same manufacturer.For example, a cup of a bra size 32C bra cup size is less than 34C, even if the products of one firm.Therefore, not enough to inform the surgeon the desired bra size.Some doctors ask about it just to get a general idea about your goals.Do not take their interest as a guarantee of the final result.

Typically the volume of the endoprosthesis is 200-600 ml, although there are larger and smaller variations in the volume available to the surgeon.The implants are available in increments of 25-30 ml.The greater the volume of the endoprosthesis, the greater its diameter and thickness.

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