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Breast augmentation surgery

Plastic Surgery.Breast augmentation surgery.Skinny women with small breasts usually choose silicone implants because the obvious aesthetic benefits outweigh the known disadvantages and risks.In women with large breasts are lush benefits are less visible, because in any endoprosthesis of mammary glands have a natural look.In this case, patients often choose saline implants, to rid yourself of silicon defects.The exceptions are large implants, when the probability of downward displacement of silicone implants is lower than salt.

most difficult to make a decision for women with an average volume of mammary glands.To them I recommend to determine what is most important to them: the best aesthetic result (silicone) or less likely to re-operation, short scar, lower price and no need for regular magnetic resonance scanning (saline implants).After that, the choice is clear.

Other methods of breas

t augmentation

Attempts to find other materials for breast implants is fail.Oil filling implants decomposed, becoming a source of odor.Injections of fat (hips) leading to calcification, making it difficult to diagnose breast cancer.Some plastic surgeons promote fat injection for breast augmentation, but other experts are concerned about the obstacles that such injections pose for mammography.The search for alternatives continues.

Breast augmentation surgery.The position of the implant

implants can be mounted in two positions: between the mammary gland and the pectoral muscle or between the pectoral muscle and ribs.In any case, they are centered under the breast and nipple.

Over muscle

position of the implant over the pectoralis major muscle, which is called subglandular, has certain advantages.This procedure is less painful, recovery is faster and the pectoral muscle itself is not affected.Mammary glands immediately take beautiful shape as edema in such an operation is minimal.In this case, in women with well-muscled chest in less deformed by reducing the pectoral muscles.Subglandular position the implant more likely to choose a woman with a magnificent breasts, because they have a thick layer between the implant and the skin.

The disadvantages of such a provision applies to an increased risk of developing capsular contracture and greater interference for mammography.In women with thin skin, a little body fat or a small breast implants may bleed under the skin and can also be seen rippling or wrinkling.large size implants can be displaced downwards, and the sensitivity of the risk of loss just above the nipple.

Under muscle

Implants «Gummy Veag»

One of the two largest producers of silicone implants argues that its breast implants filled with cohesive silicone gel.Tack supposedly keeps the gel, preventing it from spreading and shell rupture.They were compared with a soft caramel «Gummy Veag", which has the appearance as if filled with a liquid, but a cut of it does not imply anything.Another manufacturer of implants argues that silicone gel adhesive in nature and that the approval of the first of the company - this is just a publicity stunt.However, so far not proven to be advantageous if the stickiness of the gel.Studies have not yet been completed, and their results can be expected only in the 2010-2020 gg.

thin women with small breasts can achieve the best aesthetic results when the implant is placed under the muscle, because in this case, between the skin and the endoprosthesis is present a layer of tissue.

The disadvantages of such a situation include more severe pain after surgery, large swelling and prolonged recovery time.Edema can be quite marked and stored for several weeks or months.During this period, the upper part of the breast looks unnatural complete.After the disappearance of edema reduction pectoral muscles - for example, when exercising - moves and deforms the implant breast.

bodybuilders and other athletes lean

Women in bodybuilding, usually thin and muscular.Thin patients breast implant under the muscle to establish better, but because of muscular women, in this case the chest is deformed stronger, during the ban on gel implants athletes were in a quandary.Now, when the ban lifted, they often prefer to gel prosthesis above the muscle.Filled with silicone, these implants are less likely to result in the formation of the ripple even in lean women.Placed over the muscles, they do not cause deformation of the breast while reducing the pectoral muscles.When silicone was unavailable, athletes often were dissatisfied with the aesthetic result.

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