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Advantages and silicone implant disadvantages

consider what the advantages and disadvantagessilicone implants.Advantages of silicone implants are primarily aesthetic in nature: they have a natural appearance and soft to the touch, so that the breast implant is usually impossible to distinguish from the glands without him, unless produced capsular contracture.In addition, they have a lower probability of occurrence of ripples and wrinkling, so a woman with small breasts can choose to set the gel prosthesis for breast tissue over the muscle.If such a patient chooses saline implants, she advised to install it under the muscle, to reduce the risk of the formation of the ripple.Besides silicone endoprosthesis easier salt to reduce the risk of its displacement downwards under gravity.

Advantages and disadvantages of silicone implants.The disadvantages of silicone breast implant can include high cost (

900-1000 dollars) and usually longer postoperative scar.Longer incision necessary because gel implants are filled by the manufacturer and they must go to it.The greater the endoprosthesis, the longer the scar.Further, silicone implants have a higher risk of capsular contracture formation due to rupture of the shell, whereas in the saline implant capsular contracture similar case is formed.

Finally, implants with silicone gel can break "silence", ie without any external signs.plastic surgeon breast examination reveals only 30% of discontinuities, while a magnetic resonance examination method - about 90%.Therefore, women with silicone implants recommend glands after three years after the operation once every two years to pass magnetic resonance scan.

Advantages and disadvantages of saline implants

The advantages of saline implants include prospective (research has not yet been completed), the lower the probability of re-operation because saline implants cause fewer postoperative period of capsular contracture than gel.In addition, when using them is shorter postoperative scar because the implant can be filled saline solution after installation through a small incision.

main disadvantage of saline implants is that they look rounded, stiff and unnatural, especially in women with small breasts.In addition, the saline implant large downward shift more likely because they are heavier than their silicon counterparts.

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