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How to increase breast

Many women are dissatisfied with the size or shape of the breast, andmany people know how to enlarge breasts.With the help of plastic surgery of course, but not everyone knows that you need to consider when deciding to have surgery for breast augmentation.

How to increase breast - options for breast augmentation surgery

Even before surgery to increase the breast you have to make several decisions affecting the aesthetic result and the risk of complications.Make the best choice for breast augmentation is not so simple.Think carefully about each option, weighing its pros and cons.Prioritize and when deciding refer to those aspects that are most important to you.

Variety of implants for breast augmentation and install seats

Choice preoperatively



implant type


natural look and feel (if not formed capsular contracture).

smaller risk of ripples.

Less risk of bias

rupture may remain unnoticed, and therefore require regular (every 2 years), magnetic resonance scanning.It is assumed a higher probability of formation of capsular contracture.The high cost.Longer postoperative scar


shorter postoperative scar.Lower price.It is assumed a lower probability of the formation of capsular contracture.

Deflation detected immediately - no need for magnetic resonance scanning

have imppantaty thin women may bleed under the skin.Less natural appearance than the implantation of silicone-Tats.

higher probability of formation of ripples and offset

position of the implant

Over muscle

less discomfort.Less swelling.Faster recovery.

small deformation or no deformation while reducing the pectoral muscles

Higher risk of developing capsular contracture.More interference with mammography (implant covers 25% of breast tissue).Less than a natural aesthetic result in women with small breasts

Under muscle

smaller risk of developing capsular contracture.

Less interference with mammography (implant covers 10% of breast tissue).

best aesthetic results in women with small breasts (as compared with the position of the muscle)

great discomfort.Greater swelling.For a long recovery.The deformation of the breast while reducing the pectoral muscles

implant surface


smaller ripples and the risk of fluid buildup.The cost of a pair of $ 100 less than implants with a rough surface


needed when selecting drop-shaped implant

Higher risk of ripple and fluid buildup.The cost of a pair of $ 100 more than the implants with a smooth surface

implant form


Rotating does not affect the appearance of the breast.The cost is less than the drop-shaped implant

The rounded shape of the top of the breast in some women


Some women provides a better aesthetic result

can be rotated, with the result that iron takesunnatural shape.It is worth $ 200 more than the round implants.Must have a rough surface.

In 2007, only saline implants available

implant profile


Suitable for women who have chosen a small volume of the implant in relation to breast diameter



Suitable for women who have chosen the volume of the implant, which is proportional breast diameter

Suitable for women who have chosen a large volume of the implant in relation to breast diameter

implant Filling



higher risk of rupture.A higher risk of ripples and squelch


Less risk of deflation.Less risk of ripples and squelch



Under breast

scar hidden under the breast.Any

repeated operation can be performed with a cut in the same place.It provides a good overview of the plastic surgeon during the operation.Installation of the silicone implant of any size

When poor healing of the scar can be seen when you do not have clothes

around the nipple

scar around the nipple invisible

nipple is breast center, andany defect, even the smallest, will be visible.

may change the sensitivity of the nipple.

Through this incision can not be established silicone-implanted Tats large


scar is visible only in the clothes without sleeves and bathing suits

Requires endoscopic equipment.

unobstructed view for the surgeon.Re-operation may require additional section (under the breast or around the areola).

Through this incision can not be established silicone-implanted Tats large

On navel

scar is not visible

can not use silicone implants.The implants to be installed above the muscle.Re-operation can not be performed through the same incision, and require an additional incision in the crease under the breast or around the nipple

How to increase the breast - you need to determine before surgery?

Tell the surgeon about their desires, which will help you decide on breast augmentation.You have to make a choice of the following options:

implant type

saline or silicone gel?

position of the implant

over or under the muscle?

implant surface

smooth or rough?

implant form

Lustre or round?

implant volume

How big?

implant profile

low, medium or high?

implant Filling

Incomplete or overflow?


in the crease under the breast.

around the nipple, in the armpit or in the navel?

implant shell with an increase in breast

Breast implants are like a balloon filled with water.Endoprosthesis shell made from durable elastic plastic, which is called a solid silicone.It is the same for both saline and gel implants for breast augmentation.The solid silicone, or silastic, different from the silicone gel that fills the implants, it is present in the bodies of millions of people in the pacemaker, artificial joints, heart valves, prosthetic penis and artificial lens.

saline or silicone gel for breast augmentation

The saline implant shell is filled with a sterile saline solution;in gel implants - silicone gel having the consistency of molasses.

history saline and gel implants for breast augmentation implants

Both species are used with the 60-ies.XX century.In 1992, the Office of the US Food and Drug Administration announced a moratorium on the use of implants with silicone gel on the basis of suspicion that some women they can cause autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Since 1968, when the implants with silicone gel, and before the ban in 1992, this kind of implant was the most popular with women - because of its natural look and feel.From 1992 to 2006 in the United States for patients who want to increase the breast, there were only saline implants, which are a shell of solid silicone with a saline solution, although in the same period of the silicone gel has been available to women in Europe, Canada and South America.

In 2006, the ban was removed, because there is strong evidence that silicone gel does not cause autoimmune diseases: it turned out that the probability of their occurrence is the same with both gel implants, and without them.

Breast Augmentation instead of lifting - both carried out?

Breast augmentation with a low degree of ptosis

Due to the fact that breast augmentation surgery does not change the position of the nipple, women who choose only the installation of the implants must be prepared for the fact that after the operation the nipples remain in the lowest position.Most women with a weak degree of breast ptosis prefer low nipples scars, and this is a reasonable solution if it is taken deliberately.

Breast augmentation with moderate to severe ptosis

When moderate to severe ptosis only breast augmentation with implants often leads to unsatisfactory aesthetic results.In this case, the nipple is so low that it may give the impression that he and breast tissue hanging from the implant, and the implant is an unnatural bulge upper half of the breast.

You can assume that the problem is eliminated implant subsidence.Unfortunately, in the case of moderate to severe breast ptosis this can lead to deformation of the type "double-bubble" in the lower half.

How to increase breast combined with tightening

Women who want to have a large volume and high chest, may be combined with the tightening of the installation of implants.Most plastic surgeons perform both operations simultaneously.The clear advantage of this approach is that the implants will give a beautiful shape of the upper half of the breast, then as soon as the lift often leaves this part of the sunken breast.

Breastfeeding after breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery does not affect the ability to breastfeed, and on the composition of breast milk.A more serious problem that occurs during pregnancy after breast augmentation surgery - is the appearance of the breast.

complications after breast augmentation surgery

Closed capsulotomy after breast augmentation

past, capsular contracture was removed using a procedure called "closed capsulotomy," during which the doctor squeezed iron with implant-is sometimes very hard.This led to the rupture of the fibrous tissue around the implant and the breast becomes softer.Currently, plastic surgeons have stopped using this method because it is fraught with the implant ruptures, its displacement, hematoma formation, unnatural type of breast and re-formation of capsular contracture.If your doctor has offered you a closed capsulotomy, better to abandon it and seek other options for breast augmentation.

Classification of capsular contracture in breast augmentation

  • Weak degree: Breast little tighter than usual, and the skin palpable implant edges.
  • Average rate: dense breast and the implant is easily detectable and visible.The breast may look unnatural round or spherical.
  • strong degree: breast hard, irregular and painful.

Interference with mammography after breast augmentation

implants after breast augmentation difficult study of breast tissue on mammography.In the United States, every nine women develops breast cancer, so mammograms are very important for early diagnosis of the disease.For women with implants developed a special survey method, called "Eklund method", and the United States all rooms mammography are required to provide this service.

implant shift after breast augmentation

Implants can be offset from the original position due to various reasons: due to capsular contracture, muscle tension, the healing process or the weight of the implant.Interestingly, the breast nipple "indicates" a direction opposite to the displacement of the implant.For example, if the implant goes down, the nipple is directed upwards.A significant shift can disrupt the natural form of the breast, and reoperation is required in this case.Because of the force of gravity is much easier to place back the implant, which appeared at the top or close to the center than that slides down or sideways.For very large endoprosthesis attempts to raise it is particularly difficult, so it is much more difficult to return to the place than a small implant, move down or a large implant has shifted upwards.

gap saline or silicone implants for breast augmentation

Salt and gel implants have a silicone shell of dense.This shell is soft and elastic, but may be torn.Violation of the integrity of the implant shell of salt leads to leakage of saline solution which absorbs the surrounding tissues, which causes a marked decrease in the chest.When the gel implant shell rupture some gel may be squeezed out, but the volume of the breast is not changed.

risk saline implant rupture is 1% per year.The probability of such a phenomenon in the gel implant is 3% in the first four years after the operation, which is comparable with the frequency of rupture of saline implants over the same period.Statistics subsequent years is not yet known - the study has not yet been completed.

gap saline implant requires surgery to replace it, then a violation of the integrity of the silicone prosthesis requires replacement of the implant, and capsulotomy, ie surgical removal of fibrous tissue surrounding the implant.

Ripples and wrinkling of the breast after increasing

The saline implant, the liquid moves freely inside the envelope and is capable of forming small waves, such as those that occur on the surface of the pond.They can be transferred to the skin, causing a ripple on the inner and upper surface of the breast, which gives it an unnatural appearance.Especially noticeable ripples in lean women that have less soft tissue hiding the implant.

wrinkling plastic surgeons usually called unnatural folds on the outer side of the breast or below.Most often they occur in women with saline prosthesis.Keep in mind that the terms "ripple" and "shrinkage" can be misleading, because different plastic surgeons are investing in them a different meaning.