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breast enlargement

Plastic Surgery.The increase in female breast for several decades is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries.Nevertheless, it remains one of the most criticized.Unfortunately, many patients are faced with conflicting and confusing information on this topic.

process of selecting

operations to increase a woman's breast is preceded by several important decisions concerning the choice of implant material, as well as its position, size, shape, volume and surface.The solution, which you will receive together with the surgeon before the operation, affect the risk of postoperative problems and satisfaction with the result.You will find that difficult to make a choice: each option has its pros and cons, so you need to understand what are the benefits most important to you and what disadvantages you can come to terms.For best results is very important frank conversation with the surgeon.If the doctor does not

consider it necessary to consult with you, you can request that your opinion, too, was taken into account, or to find another expert.

Sonya, 35-year-old gynecologist, carefully monitor their diet and exercise four times a week.Her body was slender and beautiful - except breast.This is the only thing that can not be corrected with the help of diet and exercise.Sonia just wanted her chest was proportionate to the rest of the body.After breast enlargement patient first I felt proportioned.To my surprise, even Sonia discovered that kept straight.The only thing she was sorry - that I did before the operation.

breast enlargement.The risks of complications

Breast augmentation, like any other surgery, is associated with some risk.During a detailed discussion of the upcoming operation with the surgeon it is also important to understand the potential problems.

Capsular contracture

In the process of natural healing around the implanted material is formed fibrous capsule.It is not a problem if you do not begin to condense and contract.This phenomenon is called capsular contracture.It can make the chest hard, unnatural and even painful.Capsular contracture able to form at any stage, but usually distinguish early and late formation of the hard shell.

Risks in breast augmentation

Capsular contracture.Interference with mammography.Shifting of the implant.Deflation saline or silicone implant rupture.Ripples and wrinkling.Squelch.Infection.

Changing the nipples.


Early capsular contracture

Capsular contracture, emerging within a year after surgery, it is considered "early".In most cases it is caused by the bacterium Staphylococcus epidermidis, which is always present on the skin and is usually harmless.Troubles arise around the prosthesis, such as artificial joints, heart valves, cardiac pacemaker or breast implant.The bacterium does not cause classic signs of infection: redness, swelling and fever.It remains inactive around the implant, but causes fibrous tissue to harden and shrink.

Late capsular contracture

Capsular contracture, emerging a few years after the operation, it is considered late.Often, the cause is the gap filled with silicone implant: fibrous tissue is irritated or inflamed in contact with the gel, vylivshimsya of the implant shell.Saline implants rarely cause the formation of capsular contracture, because when the flow of saline solution absorbed by body tissues and does not cause an inflammatory reaction.When you break a silicone implant inflammation is more likely.

Risk and Prevention

In numerous studies, the risk of capsular contracture is estimated to range from 10 to 50%.The most reasonable way to interpret such a variation in the estimates - it is considered that the risk of serious complications is close to 10%, and easy - to 50%.Methods of prevention of capsular contracture include the careful observance of sterility during operation and special exercises after.It is believed that the preventive exercises stretch the fibrous capsule, reducing the likelihood of the formation of capsular contracture.To begin the exercise, only on doctor's advice.

Treatment Treatment consists of removing the fibrous capsule or capsulotomy and endoprosthesis replacement.Furthermore, the implant should be placed in a different plane (i.e., over or under the chest muscle).With a strong or moderate complications, you may not do without this operation, however, you should understand that it does not guarantee the elimination of the problem.Therefore, when mild capsular contracture, which is more common, it is possible to abandon the operation and to accept the contracture.

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