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Implants for cheeks

Plastic Surgery.Implants for cheeks.Most people believe the high cheekbones attractive, as evidenced by the person known models.Women with a low or flat cheekbones may resort to augmentation of cheekbones to achieve his aesthetic ideal.However, most patients who seek help from a cosmetic surgery to have other priorities, and therefore the operation is quite rare.However, women who had decided on the augmentation of cheekbones are usually satisfied with the result.

Implants for cheeks.The operation of the augmentation of cheekbones

cheekbones augmentation involves the installation of artificial limbs in front of the zygomatic bone to the cheekbones seemed higher and fuller cheeks.The incisions for implants cheekbones almost always made inside the mouth, between the cheek and gum.Scars of them remain invisible.Other variants of cuts - in the lower eyelids and front of the ears.These sections are used only

when both performed plastic lower eyelids, or face lift.

Regulation cheekbone implants depends on the patient's needs.In a situation where you are most concerned about the flat cheekbones, implants are shifted forward.If you are not satisfied with a narrow face, the implants are installed on each side, extending the cheekbones.For most women, it is optimal to the middle position.

cheekbones augmentation without implants

Unlike chin bone, which can break down and move forward, cheekbones do not allow to perform such an operation from a purely aesthetic purposes.If you wish to use their own bone for augmentation of cheekbones, then as a transplant will have to use the skull fragment, rib or hip.The disadvantages of bone grafts include the fact that they come from different places, and can decrease in volume after transplantation.Furthermore, it is much more difficult to shape.For purely aesthetic augmentation of cheekbones most surgeons use only implants.

However, this rule has an exception.If at the same time you performed a face lift, the surgeon may use the excess tissue called the SMAS, for augmentation of cheekbones.SMAS - is a fibrous tissue layer positioned under the skin.When a two-layer facelift it moves up, and the surplus is usually removed, but some surgeons leave them to be used for augmentation of cheeks.

However SMAS refers to the soft tissues, which over time can be thinner or droop.

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