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Implants for chin

Plastic Surgery.Implants for chin.Facial implants (implants) to the chin and cheeks - this means aesthetic surgery, which is often overlooked.They can give you a more resolute look and make a face harmonious.Properly selected chin implant is able to even change the appearance of the nose.

Despite common features, the choice of chin implants and jaw is defined by three very important aspects: the reason why patients turn to them, the method of installation and type of transaction, which can be replaced.Having considered these significant differences, we turn to the description of the recovery period, cost, risk, as well as varieties of implants - all these aspects are common to the chin and jaw implants.

Implants for chin

profile of your face is defined by the nose and chin.Look at yourself in profile with a hand mirror and a wall.Mentally draw a line from the forehead to the extreme point of the upper lip

and continue it to the chin.If the chin is on the line, it is harmonious if it crosses - so it protrudes excessively.

Gale, 39-year-old nurse anesthesiology department, was unhappy with the oval and the profile of his face.She did not like the idea of ​​introduction of synthetic materials in her body, so she opted for rhinoplasty and liposuction of the neck.Both operations have led to positive changes, but did not give the desired result.In the end, Gail agreed to chin augmentation and jaw and has made such appearance, which always wanted to have - high cheekbones and a strong chin.

chin If not reaching the imaginary line, it is, on the contrary, insufficiently protrudes.Not to be mistaken with the findings, ask that you photographed in profile, and then draw a line in the picture with a ruler.

Regulation chin affects the look of your nose.Receding chin visually increases the average size nose.large nose seems less after augmentation of the chin.

Operation Installation chin implant

During this operation, the prosthesis is installed in front of the patient's chin bone.The incision is made either under the chin or inside the mouth.Both options are acceptable.The incision inside the mouth to avoid a visible scar, although the incision under the chin after healing is usually not noticeable.Most surgeons prefer to insert the prosthesis chin through the mouth, unless at the same time does not hold a face lift.It usually requires an incision under the chin, that can be used for administration of the implant.

chin augmentation without implants

Chin can be increased by moving the forward part of the mandibular bone.This operation is called genioplasty involves cutting bone and the mandible, moving it forward and fastening with screws or wire.

genioplasty The advantage consist in that it uses at your own bone, and therefore minimizes the risk of infection, rejection, and bias erosion.The disadvantages of this operation include the duration of her own, and the recovery period.Furthermore, the results genioplasty difficult to adjust than the installation of the implant.That is, if you are unhappy with the result, once again will have to break a bone and move.Finally, when genioplasty higher risk of nerve damage and loss of sensitivity.

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