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complications after rhinoplasty

Plastic Surgery.Complications after rhinoplasty.If rhinoplasty is performed by a qualified surgeon, the surgery itself and the post-operative period is likely to go smoothly.However, undesirable effects may occur even in ideal conditions.

bleeding and other serious complications

Bleeding can be opened during or after surgery, and to stop it, it will likely be needed tampons.The risk of serious bleeding is less than 2%.It is rare, but do occur serious, life-threatening complications associated with the brain: leakage of cerebrospinal fluid, the accumulation of air around the brain, meningitis, and even death.These complications arise from the fact that the human nose and brain are separated by only a thin bone, which may break during rhinoplasty.

bumpy nose

If you have thin skin, you feel any irregularities and asymmetry see beneath the skin of cartilage and bone easily.In some

cases, these defects are eliminated by repeated operation.

complications after rhinoplasty.Offset

If the implant to increase the nasal bone or cartilage using a synthetic material, it (in rare cases) can be displaced, speaking from the skin or mucous membranes of the nose, - then the implant is removed.Subsequently, you will need another surgery to reconstruct the nose.At the same time, synthetic materials are used, and transplanted own bone or cartilage, which does not move after engraftment.Synthetic materials are often used in the re-rhinoplasty than the original operation.

Clear signs

After rhinoplasty nose shape may change in unpredictable ways, and therefore undesirable symptoms may occur despite all the efforts of the surgeon.

complications after rhinoplasty.Low nasal bridge

This defect appears when during an operation removed too much bone and cartilage.The nose becomes unnatural appearance since starting too low.The defect can be corrected transplantation of bone, cartilage or synthetic implants to lift the back of the nose.

Bulge in front of the nose tip

Another clear sign of rhinoplasty - the so-called "parrot's beak" or bulge in front of the nose tip.The defect can occur in a year or two after the operation, and its correction requires repeated rhinoplasty.Sometimes confused with the sign of persistent swelling after surgery.

snub nose snub-nosed

called unnatural and ugly snub nose upwards, due to the high tip of the nose position and decrease the length of his back.This lack of correct re-rhinoplasty cartilage transplant.

narrow tip of the nose

With this defect nose looks narrow, pointed or compressed.His correct cartilage transplant when re-rhinoplasty.


nose If the nose in profile looks absolutely right, that may seem unnatural.A natural nose can be relatively straightforward, but always has a small hole before the tip.

nose starts too high

looking at his nose in profile, you'll see that it starts at the level of the upper eyelashes.If lifted the back of the nose using a graft or implant, you may find that your nose starts too high.This defect is corrected by re-rhinoplasty.Interestingly, the nose, which starts high, consider attractive in some countries.

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