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position correction of the nasal septum

Rhinoplasty.The position correction of the nasal septum.Changing the appearance of the nose, rhinoplasty and can affect the nasal passages, but not necessarily.

deformation correction of the nasal septum

The nasal septum is located inside the nose and separates the right and left nasal passage.If the septum is bent, then straighten it improve your breath.This operation is called and executed at septoplasty incisions inside the nose.The appearance of the nose is not changed.This operation can be performed simultaneously or separately with rhinoplasty.It is possible that the insurance company will reimburse the cost of septoplasty, if a doctor can prove that it is medically necessary.However, nasal congestion caused by other causes, such as allergies, edema, polyps or enlarged turbinates, surgically remove it is impossible.

position correction of the nasal septum.T

he deterioration of the nasal passages

One of the possible complications of rhinoplasty - a stuffy nose.Sometimes it is eliminated by another operation.

What to Expect

• Anesthesia: intravenous anesthesia or general anesthesia.(Tip: ask for general anesthesia to reduce the risk of nausea and vomiting after surgery.)

• Place of operation: the doctor's office or hospital.

• Duration of operation: from one to three hours.

• Duration of hospital stay: not required (statement on the same day).

• Discomfort: average degree.If, during the operation, the surgeon works with the bones of the nose, expect to take pain medication for 5-10 days.If the bone is not broke, take painkillers for 2-7 days.Ask to make a stronger palatal blockade, in which a local anesthetic is injected into the palate, which reduces discomfort after surgery.To keep moisture in the nasal passages using a humidifier and saline spray.

• Bruises: disappear in 3-5 days, if the bone did not break, and after 5-14 days, if you broke.Often there are dark circles under eyes.

• Swelling: most of the swelling subsides after 2 weeks after closed rhinoplasty and 4 weeks after the open.A small swelling persists for much longer, but it usually does not cause concern.You can significantly reduce swelling if all the time to keep your head in a good condition.It is also necessary for 2-5 days after surgery by applying nose ice.

• Violation of sensitivity: possible numbness tip of the nose, which will continue for several weeks.

• Bandages: at the end of the operation the nose sealed with tape.If in the course of surgical intervention were broken nose bone, you will put a small bus.The tire and the patch is removed after 5-10 days.

• Seams: Inside seams nose superimposed absorbable sutures.With open rhinoplasty, you will have a seam at the tip of the nose.In this case, the sutures are removed in 4-7 days.

• plugging: can be used to stop bleeding.Tampons are removed after 1-7 days.Tampons in the nose causing inconvenience, and the procedure of their extraction and unpleasant.Apparently, this is the worst aspect of rhinoplasty.Ask the surgeon if you can do without pads.

• Make-up: can be applied after removing the patch and the tire.

• The appearance in public: public appearances can be 1-2 weeks, but the bruises will have to hide under makeup.Swelling kept longer than the bruises, and probably you will be ashamed of them, even though they do not relate to obvious signs of rhinoplasty.

• Work: perhaps you are ready to go to work after a week, but the appearance will be a deterrent.

• Exercise: allowed to resume in 2-4 weeks.Do not engage in contact sports for six weeks.

• Final result: can be seen after 3 months or 2 years and even more.In most cases - 6 months.

• Save the results: if you are satisfied with the result after the disappearance of edema, additional surgery will not be necessary.

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