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Options rhinoplasty surgery

consider what are the options of rhinoplasty surgery.The surgeon has a choice of two options rhinoplasty: closed and open.

Closed rhinoplasty

In closed rhinoplasty all incisions are made inside the nose, and visible scars are left.In this case, a review of bone and cartilage structures is limited, but many surgeons have mastered this technique and achieve superior results.

Options rhinoplasty surgery.Open rhinoplasty

With open rhinoplasty nose the skin rises, revealing the bone and cartilage.The surgeon makes a small incision at the narrowest part of the skin of the nasal septum between the nostrils and the additional cuts inside.Some doctors prefer this method of providing better access to some parts of the nose.

Comparison of open and closed rhinoplasty

type of rhinoplasty




absence of scar on the surface of the nose.Less swelling

possible difficulties in correcting complex nasal defects


Excellent visibility for the surgeon

small scar under his nose;more severe swelling

The disadvantages are open rhinoplasty scar between the nostrils and pretty strong postoperative edema.The scar will remain for life, but after the healing it is almost imperceptible, but not always.Swelling after open rhinoplasty may persist for several months or even years - longer than after closed rhinoplasty.The duration and degree of swelling can be reduced if you keep your head in an elevated position and is often applied to the nose of the ice.

Closed or open rhinoplasty

plastic surgeon will recommend the method which, in his opinion, will achieve optimal results in your case.

Modification of bone and cartilage

upper half of the nose consists of bone and the lower half of the cartilage tissue.When rhinoplasty is modified and bone, and cartilage.


Modification of the nasal bones may be to reduce, increase or refinement.If the bone is required to reduce its resected, and then rearrange.

women seeking re-operation because their nose became too small, often need to increase the bone.This is taken for transplant bone of the patient.The surgeon may take bone from the skull, ribs, or hip, thereby forming another painful area requiring wound and leaving a scar.Despite the temporary discomfort, the use of own bone minimizes the risk of infection and is considered a more reliable method than alternatives such as the use of prosthetic plastics or coral.

If the surgeon sees the need to increase the bone, make sure that you understand his intentions.


Modification cartilage may also be to their reduction, increase or refinement.Primary operation usually involves a reduction and thinning of cartilage, and during the re-rhinoplasty cartilage tend to increase with the help of the transplant or prosthetic.cartilage graft can be taken from the nose, ear or the patient's ribs.As in the case of bone transplantation, it requires another incision.The synthetic materials are commonly used as prosthetic cartilage, as they tend to move, be rejected, deform or become a cause of infection.

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