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Aesthetic surgery on the nose

Plastic Surgery.Aesthetic surgery on the nose.Without a doubt, the nose - is a central element of the face.If it is in harmony with other features, it "is not clear."However, disharmony attracts attention.Since the nose is located in the heart of a person, even a small defect seems exaggerated and can affect self-esteem.That is why many women want to change this part of the face.

Aesthetic surgery on the nose is called rhinoplasty.This name comes from the Greek words rhino (meaning "nose") and plasty ( "shape, change").Rhinoplasty can change the nose in some way.You can enlarge a small nose, to reduce the large bump removed, lift the drooping tip of the nose, straighten hooked nose, a narrow, lengthen short and so on.However, there are some limitations.

there a perfect nose?

faces of different people differ in size, shape, oval, and each of them has its own perfect nose.Nevertheles

s, some of the characteristics of this part shall be considered aesthetically correct for all.

Betsy, a programmer 29 years, was very shy.She had difficulty in communicating and the company has always remained silent.When meeting with a man, she was sure that he stared at her nose, although the source did not.Betsy realized that it's not how it is perceived by others and how it perceives itself.Big nose distorted her self-esteem, and she felt uncomfortable.After rhinoplasty she became self-confident, sociable and talkative.It is better to treat yourself and therefore do not feel comfortable in communicating with other people.Six months later, she was transferred from the Department of programming in the sales department - for such it is not even dreamed of.

Nancy, a 31-year-old head of the advertising company, believed that her nose is too big.In fact, the cause of disharmony had a weak chin.She acknowledged this, seeing your picture in the profile.chin implant will restore harmony.

Critically assessing your nose, you, together with a plastic surgeon should pay attention to the following features, but not be limited.The special features include the aesthetically pleasing nose, his back straight, narrow tip, the presence of small holes between the back and the tip, a certain angle between the nostrils and upper lip, as well as a certain width.

matters and how the nose protrudes.Some surgeons measure the angles of the nose, which helps them to plan the operation.


Chin Chin plays an important role in the way your nose looks.When sloping chin nose seems normal size bulging.This defect is eliminated by increasing the chin rather than rhinoplasty.

Do you need a rhinoplasty?

Aesthetic surgery on the nose.Rhinoplasty is not for everyone.In order for the operation was successful, you must meet the following criteria:

• You can specify exactly what you do not like.

• You are young enough to get used to the new nose.

• You do not use drugs nose and do not take drugs.

• You understand that a second operation may be necessary.

Mismatch any of these conditions significantly reduces the likelihood of a satisfactory result.

You can specify exactly what you do not like

surgeon will have trouble if you just say, "I want my nose has become more beautiful."Specify exactly what you want to change, and do not assume that your wishes will coincide with the doctor offers.

Before the visit to a plastic surgeon to spend some time in front of a mirror.Determine what features of your nose does not like you the most.Write them down, lest we forget.Detailed discussion - it is the only way to ensure the fulfillment of your desires.

Rhinoplasty leads to concrete changes in the structure of the nose.If you can not specify exactly what you do not like, it is unlikely to be happy with the result of the operation.

you are young enough to get used to the new nose

Every day you look in the mirror.The reflection in the mirror - that's how you perceive yourself.The older you are, the more time they spend in front of the mirror and the stronger the tie in the mirror with its own personality.

By age 50, you are so accustomed to his face that any change - even better - makes you a different person, and you do not like.You look in the mirror and say, "I like what I see, but it's not like me."In order to connect the new appearance with the idea itself may take years.

In young patients such problems do not arise.In general, women up to 30 years easily become accustomed to the new appearance.If you are between 30 and 40, then, to get used to the new person, you may need about two years.If you are over 40, it's time to increase.Some people never manage to get used to.That is why young women are the best candidates for rhinoplasty than the elderly.

Janet, a woman 34 years old, did not like her nose, but she could not articulate exactly what it does not like.She just wanted to "improve" it.The tip of the nose she was a little too big, and the nose looked too wide and protruding forward.However, without the participation of the woman it was not possible to determine exactly what was bothering her.I refused to do rhinoplasty, and Janet turned to another doctor.A few months later she came back to me with a complaint against a plastic surgeon who allegedly ruined her nose, although he looked clearly better.I explained to the woman that without it prompts the physician may not know how to put the nose in accordance with her wishes.Subsequently, Janet made another operation in another surgeon, but also remained dissatisfied, which is not surprising.

problem of addiction is linked to structural changes in bone, cartilage and muscle, as a result of that change the common features.This did not occur during rejuvenation procedures such as eyelid surgery and forehead lift, because they do not affect the deeper tissues of the face.

you do not use drugs nose and do not take drugs

Medications nose or drugs increase the risk of bleeding and prolong the recovery period.It is necessary to stop taking the medication for at least three months prior to surgery to ensure her safety.If you use cocaine, you should probably accept that your problems are not limited to potential difficulties in the recovery period.In any case it is necessary to abandon the cocaine at least a year before surgery and be sure to inform the surgeon about taking drugs in the past.

You understand that you may need a second operation

After rhinoplasty approximately 20% of women treated for re-operation.There are several reasons.Perhaps the result of rhinoplasty looks unnatural changes were insufficient or the initial results looked promising, but after a few months has changed the shape of the nose.

Operations on the nose are different difficulty and unpredictability.Before deciding on rhinoplasty, you should realize the fact that the chance of re-operation is one to five.

Kay, a social worker 46 years, always wanted to do a rhinoplasty, and finally could afford the operation.She knew exactly how wants to change his nose, and was therefore a suitable candidate for such an operation.However, despite the dissatisfaction with their appearance, she was used to it.Consequently, there was a risk that a woman will remain unsatisfied with the result.Knowing this, it is still not abandoned the operation.The result of rhinoplasty is almost coincided with her wishes, but Kaye felt uncomfortable.In addiction to the new nose it took two years, and the patient recognized that underestimated the difficulties of adaptation.

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