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Operation blepharoplasty eyelids

Єsteticheskoe treatment.Operation blepharoplasty eyelids.Blepharoplasty - is a highly individualized operation.One women need plastic upper eyelid, the other - the lower, the third - both.One patients want to remove the excess skin, the other - the fat, the third - and the skin and fat.The surgeon will determine the necessity of certain actions by means of manipulation described above.The operation should meet your needs.

Possible components eyelid

Removing the skin from the upper eyelids (when sagging upper eyelids).Removing fat from the upper eyelids (with swelling of the upper eyelid).Lift the upper eyelid (for sagging upper eyelids).Removing the skin from the lower eyelids (when sagging lower eyelid).Removing fat from the lower eyelid (with swelling of the lower eyelids).

lower eyelid lift (when sagging lower eyelid).

Plastic upper eyelids

upper eyelid plasty is perform

ed by making an incision designed to remove excess skin.The scar that remains after the operation is the same as the natural skin fold and will be virtually invisible after healing.Through the same incision is removed from the fat of the upper eyelid, if necessary.

Operation blepharoplasty eyelids.Plastic lower eyelids

Plastic lower eyelids is performed using one of the two sections.Standard slit located under the lower lashes and lasts until wrinkles in the corner of the eye.Through it removes excess skin and, if necessary, - the fat.Tone lower eyelids can also be increased using canthopexy in which incisions are made at the outer corners of the eyes.

Standard incision heals well and after 2-4 weeks, as a rule, it becomes invisible.

second option is surgery for patients with excess fat in the lower eyelids, but without excess skin, such as young women with swelling of the lower eyelids.In this case the surgeon makes a so-called transconjunctival incision on the inner surface of the lower eyelid.This incision can not be seen directly, even after surgery.

If blepharoplasty performed by a qualified surgeon, the surgery itself and the post-operative period is likely to go smoothly.However, undesirable effects may occur even in ideal conditions.

Blindness Blindness occurs in approximately 1 out of 10 cases, Ltd. blepharoplasty and is usually associated with bleeding after the removal of fat.Blood collected behind the eyeball is pushed outwards and creates pressure on the retina, resulting in fades eye.It is rare, but in most cases irreversible.


Disorders of

As a result of injury or swelling of the eye muscles may double vision or blurred vision.This complication occurs in less than 1% of women and usually is temporary and disappears after a few days or weeks.

What to Expect

Anesthesia: general or local anesthesia, intravenous anesthesia.Place of operation: the doctor's office or hospital.The duration of the operation: 30 to 90 minutes.

Duration of hospital stay: not required (statement on the same day).Discomfort: weak degree.Expect to take painkillers or Tylenol for 1-5 days.Some patients painkillers are not required.

Swelling and bruising: disappear after 3-14 days, depending on the extent of the surgery.If only the skin was removed, this period is 3-5 days.After removing the skin and fat from canthopexy bruising and swelling are in 7-14 days.You can reduce swelling, if all the time to keep your head in a good condition and is often applied to the eyes a cold compress.

Dressings: not required.Do you recommend for 1-3 days to apply to the eyes of cold compresses.

Sutures are removed after 2-5 days.If the plastic lower eyelids is performed by a cut on the inside of the eyelid, it is possible that the seams do not need to shoot.

Tearing: be prepared that some time your eyes are watering, especially outdoors in windy conditions.This usually takes a few weeks.

Strabismus: after canthopexy should prepare, within two weeks, your eyes will look skewed.Moreover, the discomfort will be stronger.

Contact lenses: can be used in 7-14 days.Glasses can be worn immediately after the surgery.

Makeup: permitted to impose 7-10 days.

public appearances: in 3-14 days, with make-up, depending on the extent of the surgery.

job: maybe you're ready to go to work after 1-5 days, but the appearance will be a deterrent.

Exercise: You can resume in two weeks.

Sun protection: six months, using a vehicle with sun protection factor of at least 15.

final result: visible after 4-8 weeks.

Operation blepharoplasty eyelids.Saving results: expect that the result will remain for a period of 10 to 20 years, although there may be significant deviations from this period.

dry eye syndrome

dry eye syndrome is a condition in which there is dry and "sand" in the eyes.As a rule, a reaction to these feelings become tears.It appears blurred vision and pain, as well as significantly enhanced sensitivity to light.Many patients complain of these symptoms after surgery, but after a few days or weeks, the eyes usually return to normal.Whatever it was, persistent dry eye syndrome can complicate your life.Often it may appear after the plastic lower eyelids.There are several reasons, and not all of them can be foreseen or prevented.Occasionally, patients with a high risk factor for the occurrence of dry eye syndrome prevents limiting the number of removed skin and fat and tightening the lower eyelid using canthopexy.

treatment of dry eye syndrome depends on the cause, which he called.In the lower eyelid laxity shown canthopexy.If the syndrome is caused by the removal of too much skin, then correct the situation of skin transplants for ever.If the reason is lack of tears, in this case, to help the eye drops, the plug for tear ducts and above all - an ophthalmologist.

Inability to close eyes

If you can not close your eyes to-day operations, do not panic.Most often this ability to quickly come back to you.Otherwise, you will help to survive this period of eye drops and ointments.

scratch on the cornea

During the operation may inadvertently damage the cornea.A scratch on the cornea is very painful and is treated by attaching the eye for a period of one to three days.

Factors risk of dry eye syndrome after blepharoplasty

1. Lethargy lower eyelid before surgery: no canthopexy lower eyelids may fall down and cause dry eye syndrome.

2. Tendency to dry eye before surgery: for example, patients who regularly use eye drops to blepharoplasty, are at increased risk.

3. Flat cheeks and bulging eyes: for unknown reasons, these anatomical features may indicate a predisposition to dry eye syndrome.

4. Bad luck: dry eye syndrome can occur for unknown reasons.


Chemosis - a swelling of the conjunctiva of the eyeball or sclera.It also swells the mucous membrane of the eyelids.Most often, this complication develops in transconjunctival sectional canthopexy or combination of these operations.In any case, this condition is temporary, and is faster with a reasonable use of eye drops with steroids.

Skin cyst

After eyelid skin cyst may appear at the site of the scar, which is called "Milia".This most often occurs in the case where the sutures are removed or five days later.Milia disappear by itself, or it is removed on an outpatient basis.

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