Rejuvenating surgery of the eyelids

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Rejuvenating surgery on the eyelids

Plastic Surgery.Rejuvenating surgery on the eyelids.Operation of the eyelids, or blepharoplasty, is ranked third among the most common in the United States of aesthetic operations.This is not surprising - our eyes play a major role in communication.We look into the eyes of the other party, when we want to understand it better when we ask questions and seek answers.And therefore, we pay attention to the external eye view.However, before we find out what can blepharoplasty, it is useful to understand the purpose of aesthetic surgery of the eyelids.

perfect eyelid

Ideally, from an aesthetic point of view of an eye the upper eyelid is located just below the upper edge of the iris surrounding the pupil.The lower eyelid is slightly above the lower edge of the iris, when you look straight ahead.

Rejuvenating surgery on the eyelids.What can correct eyelid

In most cases, the op

eration is performed in order to remove the puffy and drooping eyelids, and sometimes adjust the position of the century.

Joyce, 63-year-old widow who lived alone for several years before met a man who was eight years younger and loved it.His age difference did not bother, but she was going through and wanted to reduce this gap.She did eyelid, restoring energetic and youthful appearance.

Excess skin age (puffy eyelids)

eyelids Excess skin gives the face a heavy and tired.Stand in front of a mirror and close one eye, leaving open the second.Thumb and index finger grip the skin at a closed-century eyes.The amount of skin that you can pinch between your thumb and index finger easily - this is the amount that can be removed during the age of plastics.The excess lower eyelid skin, if it is, can be seen without any manipulation.He

fat eyelids (eyelid swelling)

Average eyeball surrounded by a layer of fat.However, with age, the fat may bulge in the eyelid, creating swelling and shadows or dark circles under the eyes.It is surprising, but this process is not related to obesity, and weight loss will not help to cope with it - it is due to heredity and aging.Removing excess fat surgically removes eyelid swelling and shadows under the eyes, if their cause is just that.

Look in the mirror and close one eye.Gently pushing it through the open upper lid, observe the skin above and below the eyes.If you press the skin above and below the eye bulges, the cause of swelling of the eyelids, most likely, is the excess fat, and its removal by surgery to improve the look of your eyes.

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