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information about the operation to skin tightening forehead

consider importantinformation on the operations of the forehead skin tightening: cost

in the United States the total cost of the forehead skin tightening in the range from 3500 to 5500 dollars.Average cost:

fee surgeon's $ 2800

fee anesthesiologist $ 700

Rent operating (equipment) $ 900

Total $ 4,400

satisfaction result

As is the case with other operations of plastic surgery, satisfaction with the result of tightening the forehead skin depends on the expectations andThe degree of improvement.In patients with low drooping eyebrows and deep wrinkles changes that are likely to be more pronounced than in women with mild signs of aging.Regardless of the initial state of all will be much more beautiful eyebrow position, reducing the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and glabellar lines.forehead skin tightening and red

uces the side folds, which leads to an improvement in the form of the upper eyelids.However, some women experience disappointment after the surgery.This may be due to the high expectations, complications, postoperative obvious signs or early relapse.In most cases, patients are satisfied - assuming realistic expectations.

Questions to the plastic surgeon

Which method do you recommend in my case?

Do I need as eyelid surgery?If you plan to

endoscopic lift, you will fix the skin of the forehead in a new position?

Can you correct the asymmetry of the eyebrows?Where the cuts will be located?

Maureen, 49-year-old seller of cell phones, has come to work after a two-week absence: it was associated with the operation to lift the skin of the forehead, which she did not tell anyone.Colleagues literally showered her with compliments - how well she rested.Everyone wanted to know where Maureen spent vacation."In Jamaica", - she said with a smile, then quickly added, "I used sunscreen."

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