Complications after tightening the forehead skin

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Complications after tightening the skin of the forehead

body correction.Complications after tightening the forehead skin.If the skin of the forehead lift performed by a qualified surgeon, the surgery itself and the post-operative period is likely to go smoothly.However, undesirable effects may occur even in ideal conditions.What to expect?

Anesthesia: intravenous anesthesia or general anesthesia.

venue operation: the doctor's office or hospital.

Duration of operation: 30 to 90 minutes.

Duration of hospital stay: not required (statement on the same day).

discomfort: weak degree.Expect to take pain medication for 1-4 days;sufficient for the purpose of Tylenol.

Swelling and bruising: disappear in 10-14 days.You can reduce swelling, if all the time to keep your head in a good condition and is often applied to the face cold compresses.Perhaps a temporary bruising under the eyes.

Dressings: removed after 1-3 days.

Sutures are removed after 7-10 days.If the surgeon set metal screws in the skull (with the endoscopic lift), they are removed after 2-4 weeks.

Contact lenses: can be worn in a week.

Makeup: can be applied after 3-5 days.

public appearances: 7-14 days, with makeup.

Work: perhaps you are ready to go to work after 3 days, but the appearance will be a deterrent.

Exercise: allowed to resume within 2 weeks.

final result: visible after 2-4 weeks.

Saving results: from 5 to 20 years, depending on the age, the degree of lowering of the eyebrows, the depth of wrinkles on the forehead, the method used.On average, - from 10 to 15 years.

paralysis (paresis) forehead

Paralysis of one side of the forehead is observed in less than 1% of patients.As a rule, it is only temporary, and after a few months back mobility.

Asymmetry eyebrows

After forehead skin tightening one eyebrow may be higher than the other.In most cases, the asymmetry is present preoperatively.Therefore, for you, and for the surgeon is very important to recognize and discuss it before the procedure.With asymmetry can be fought in many ways.One of them - the surgeon raises his eyebrows at the same level.This may seem like an ideal option, but a few decades you, like most people have become accustomed to your eyebrow position, and it will be difficult to get used to the newfound symmetry of the face.

Permanent hair loss

After the classical or endoscopic tightening of the scar may be formed along the small balding area.If these areas do not grow hair, then they can be combed hair to other places or to resort to hair transplants.balding areas can also be surgically removed - it depends on their size.

sensitivity Violation

As noted above, after the lift to access the coronary celebrated temporary loss of sensation in the skin on top.Numbness of the whole of the forehead may occur with any method, if damaged sensory nerves.These nerves emerge from the frontal bone just above the eye and pass through the muscles, shifting the eyebrows.Due to the fact that these muscles removed or transformed in the course of operation, the nerves can be stretched, cut, or burned - even a very careful and experienced surgeon.Numbness may be temporary or permanent.

Complications after tightening the forehead skin.Early recurrence

Early recurrence means that the eyebrows are lowered again in a few months after surgery.It can happen to any patient, but most often occurs after an endoscopic lift, when the skin is not properly reinforced.this complication is less common when using holes and screws.Early recurrence is not usually observed after classical or surface lift.

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