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techniques skin tightening forehead

Plastic Surgery.Methods forehead skin tightening.Lifting the skin of the forehead and eyebrow position change can be carried out by three different methods: endoscopic, classical (coronary access) and the tightening surface.Each has its advantages and disadvantages.Together with a plastic surgeon to select the most suitable way for you with important advantages and disadvantages acceptable.

Some doctors modify one of these braces, or combine them.Often, such techniques have several names that may confuse the patient.If the plastic surgeon uses an unfamiliar term, ask him to explain.

Endoscopic lift

Methods tightening the forehead skin.Endoscopic lifting method is most often used when a low degree of forehead skin ptosis.The surgeon watching this operation with the help of a tiny camera, the size of the tool tip is introduced under the skin.At the same time the doctor mak

es four to six incisions hidden behind the hairline.Frontal muscles responsible for the formation of wrinkles, partly removed.Then the skin of the forehead shifted back.In order to keep your skin as long as it will take root in the new location, some surgeons drill small holes in the skull and inserting into it small screws.

then through the holes or around the screw threads of skipped retaining skin.Metal screws ambulatory removed two weeks after surgery.Absorbable screws disappear after a few months.

In endoscopic forehead skin tightening has several distinct advantages.Firstly, it avoids large incisions.As a rule, there is no violation of the temporary top of the scalp sensitivity (that usually accompanies coronary lift).After endoscopic tightening observed reduction of wrinkles by 50 to 75% - the majority of them remain, but become less noticeable.But this operation, there are also disadvantages.The line of hair growth may rise by about a centimeter, which will cause problems in women with a high forehead and a hole in the skull and screws are completely safe, but many patients distasteful the idea of ​​it.

In addition, the frontal muscles are not modified, and women with active facial expressions may soon find that horizontal wrinkles reduced significantly and quickly restored.

Patients with strong lowering of the eyebrows or deep wrinkles, are likely to be disappointed with the results of endoscopic lift, because it is the least efficient and the result is stored not as long.

Betty, 38-year-old assistant to a lawyer, faces aging was weakly expressed.She was not satisfied with such consequences as a violation of the sensitivity of the scalp and a long scar that usually happens when a coronary lift.She wore her hair, opens the forehead, and so it also does not fit the surface lift, leaving postoperative scar along the hairline.In the end, Betty chose endoscopic facelift and was satisfied with the result.

only glabellar lines

If you are concerned glabellar lines, but her eyebrows are not dropped, the surgeon can affect the muscles responsible for wrinkling of the skin, through the slits in the upper eyelids.This method is especially useful in cases where you want to make the plastic upper eyelids.

Methods tightening the forehead skin.Classical lift (coronary access)

With this tightening of the skin of the forehead incision passes through the upper part of the head from ear to ear.Frontal muscles and the muscles responsible for wrinkling of the skin, weakened by surgery.Then remove excess skin about 2.5 cm wide, and sometimes more.

Comparison of

Table 3.1


coronary access


Place cut

few small incisions behind the line of hair growth

incision from ear to ear above the hair growth

incision in the upper part of the forehead along the start line of hair growth

Violation skin sensitivity


Yes, the duration of about 6 months


rise hairline




whether the attachment is required to skull




risk of re-lowering forehead




Impact on horizontal wrinkles

Light to moderate



Impact on vertical wrinkles




safe to simultaneously perform laser peeling




Who does not recommend this operation

With strong lowering of the forehead skin, deep horizontal wrinkles or high hairline

At high line

hair growth

those who removes hair from his forehead, smokers and those who do not wish to have a postoperative scar

the ideal candidate for this operation

In small to moderate facial aging

with a strong degree of facial aging: strong lowering brows and deep horizontal wrinkles

At low hairline, and those who wear bangs

lift with coronary access has several advantages.It allows you to work on all the muscles involved in the formation of deep horizontal wrinkles.Screws are not needed, and the effect lasts longer than the endoscopic lift, because the excess skin is removed and does not rise up.Women with thick hair, the scar is usually not noticeable.This method is suitable for all, but especially to patients with severely drooping eyebrows, deep horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and a low hairline.

In classical braces also have several disadvantages.Violation of sensitivity or itching the top of the scalp can be stored up to six months.A long scar undesirable for women with thinning hair.As with endoscopic lift, the line of hair growth beginning to rise after surgery, which can be an advantage for patients with a low line of hair growth and a disadvantage for those who have a high forehead.Usually, this operation is selected women with heavily drooping eyebrows and medium or low hairline.

Surface lift

When the surface of the skin of the forehead lift incision is made in the upper part of the forehead along the start line of hair growth.This operation has several advantages.Due to the fact that the cut is located along the start line of hair growth, it is not displaced upward when removing the surplus of the skin.In contrast to classical braces the nerves leading to the top of the scalp, not cut, and therefore the loss of sensation or itching observed rarely.This lift can significantly reduce the horizontal wrinkles - as well as lift access to the coronary.

Mary, 79-year-old widow with a strong aging forehead, wanted to make the skin of the forehead lift, eyelid and facelift.Deep wrinkles and frown creases, drooping eyebrows low - all this required a classic lift with coronary access.Endoscopic lift would not provide the desired results, and the surface of the forehead skin tightening also does not fit the patient, who combed her hair back.

The main disadvantage of a surface lift - a noticeable scar along the start line of hair growth, harassing women who are accustomed to the hair combed back.The cut may be delayed so that it is almost invisible, but can not guarantee this.Due to the nature of the operation at the surface of the skin tightening of the blood supply is disturbed more than by endoscopic or classical.At smoking patients may have more problems with wound healing than with other methods, and they should stop smoking before surgery.

Ann, 62-year-old non-smoking woman with bushy eyebrows and deep wrinkles, wearing a bang and had a high forehead.She chose a surface lift for two reasons: endoscopic lift would not give such an effect, and would raise the classical hairline even higher.Besides bangs hiding the scar on his forehead.

Pam, 50-year-old Picker donations, decided to rejuvenate your forehead.After discussing the options, she realized that she did not fit the classic or endoscopic lift, because her line of hair growth and so is high enough.Women do not like and a surface lift, because she was used to combed hair back and did not want to change the hairstyle, also worried because of the noticeable scar.As a result, it was easier to come to terms with lowered eyebrows than with the consequences of such operations.She wisely decided to abandon tightening the forehead skin.

women with a high forehead, are not afraid of a long scar along the start line of hair growth, may prefer this method to the other two.

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