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Signs Plastic Surgery

Before deciding on plastic surgery, ask the surgeon,how it intends to prevent the occurrence of each of the following overt signs of plastic surgery.

Pull earlobe

Pull earlobe, or "ear elf" is formed in the case when the ear is removed too much skin.The remaining skin is stretched pulls the earlobe down and the neck.

«Face Joker»

This unnatural appearance of the cheeks with a smile.I do not know how did that term, but I suppose that it is a villain Joker from Batman television series, whose face was disguised in such a way as to emphasize the nasolabial folds.It is an expression sometimes appears after a facelift.Interestingly, the "face of the Joker" can be formed after the successful operation after a few years.Plastic surgeons disagree about the causes and methods of correction of this phenomenon.Many experts believe that it is to blame the natural aging process.With age, subcutaneous fat is c

ompressed and falls.In some cases, this process leads to the appearance of signs of a facelift.Not all women can be avoided.If this is the atrophy of fat, then restore the natural look of facial fat injections can help.

Clear signs of a face-lift, which can occur after the operation: drawn earlobe, open the ear canal, the facial skin is stretched and the lack of hair on the temples (the surgeon will try to avoid these obvious signs of the operation)

signs of plastic surgery.Open the external auditory canal

use a mirror, look at your face in profile.For this to become a side wall mirror.Take the second mirror in your hand and hold it in front of you, slightly turned to the wall.In manual mirror you will see your profile.Please note that the ear canal is closed cartilage.If the face-lift skin on this cartilage is pulled, it moves forward, opening up the ear canal, it looks unnatural.

As a rule, people do not notice this defect and do not survive because of him.In any case, it is difficult to correct, until the skin is again not droop.Therefore, you may have to wait until the next facelift.

signs of plastic surgery.The stretched skin of the face

taut skin of the face, like a man stuck his head in the wind tunnel, it looks unnatural and can be the result of the removal of an excessive amount of skin.This feature also appears after a few lifts.If the skin is removed, it is impossible to return to the place.Therefore, taut facial skin is difficult to be adjusted.

lack of hair on the temples

After each facelift hairline at the temples can be in varying degrees to climb up - depending on the method used.After two lifts hair on the temples may disappear altogether.Many women do not consider them a vital element of the exterior, but later regret this loss.As high or missing hair on the temples is hard to return to the place, ask the surgeon to modify the method of operation to maintain the tanks.This is possible when the plastic surgeon cuts outlines below the start line of hair growth on the temples, the front of each ear.

Margaret, the owner of a small shop, made the first lift at the age of 53 years.Shortly thereafter, she noticed that the hair on his temples went up.Lost in thought about the second lift at the age of 61, she did not want to have this feature of her face distorted even more.She had to talk to three plastic surgeons before she found a doctor which procedure does not lead to further raise the hair on the temples.She was pleased with the result of the operation, and is glad that her hair stayed in place.

skin irregularities and symptom "cobblestones»

Fat serves as a natural layer between the skin and muscles.Unnatural-looking skin, reminiscent of cobblestones, may be the result of wrinkling or excessive fat removal.In such cases, the correction is performed using the oil injection.

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