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Methods for skin tightening face

Plastic Surgery.Methods of tightening skin.A good face lift can be achieved by several methods - such a situation is typical for many plastic surgery operations.Years of heated debate, and the mountain of literature did not lead to the plastic surgeons agree on which of the methods is most effective.

Result facelift determined by skill, experience and expertise of a plastic surgeon.The doctor chooses the method in which they will give the best and most reliable results.Apparently, it was for this operation will help in choosing a surgeon familiar with the patient, whose face lift is successful.

If you do not like the proposed technique, you are not satisfied with the justification of its necessity or answers to questions, consult another doctor.

Stages facelift

Most face lift techniques include five basic steps.


• Removal of excess skin.

• lift the tissues under th

e skin.


• Removal of excess skin of the neck.

• Lift the neck muscles.

• Removing fat from the neck.

Each stage of the operation may be modified in various ways and combined with other steps, or some of them may be omitted.

Of the five steps above facelift three designed for neck correction note - and this will affect the operation of your body.Make sure you know exactly what the doctor means a facelift, before agreeing to surgery.Sometimes experts are divided into two operations, for each of which exhibit a separate account: the tightening of the lower face and neck lift.Some women really need a separate operation for the lower part of the face or neck, but most require a combination thereof.

Methods facelift.Simple cervical-facial lifting

operation, which is called a simple neck-face tightening, is the removal of excess skin and does not affect deeper tissues.This method may be acceptable in some cases, but plastic surgeons usually consider it to be less effective than the extended lift, to the same result remains not so long.Note also that in this method, based on the tension of the skin, it increases the risk that a woman with a very loose skin face will look unnatural.

Extended cervical-facial lifting (SMAS-lifting)

This two-layer method is one of the most common.The first layer consists of the skin of the face and neck, over

Betty, 53-year-old nurse, barely survived a stormy divorce, faced with new challenges.She did not go out on dates about 30 years and was surprised to find that his shy person.After a facelift, eyelid and forehead lift, it was higher to evaluate its appearance and the opportunity to meet men.The greatest satisfaction brought her meeting with her ex-husband on one of the social events.They are not talking to each other, but Betty caught his look of surprise.The expression on his face left no doubt: "Wow!I can not believe you look so good, "and she told him look," Yes ... and I got rid of you. "

combination of procedures:

Second, the subcutaneous layer lift or pull.Under the skin, the connective tissue is called the subcutaneous muscle-aponeurotic layer or superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS), and which is only on the face.On the neck of the second layer consists of a thin vastus or platysma.With extension methods and tightens the SMAS, and platysma.Different methods are used to lift the SMAS, and plastic surgeons vehemently argue which one is better.

two-layer method allows to tighten and lift each layer independently.SMAS and platysma tightly tensioned to remove the drooping cheeks, deep lines around the mouth and "turkey" neck.Then, the face and neck skin is superimposed on a lower layer than the natural appearance is achieved, without any tension.This combination allows you to achieve a good lift, but without excessive tension of the skin, as in a simple method.

Another advantage of the method is extended to the possible increase of the cheekbones.Some women with flat cheekbones want to correct this cosmetic defect.This is usually done by means of an implant is placed over the zygomatic bone.But if you make a two-layer lift, the surgeon can use the SMAS over, to increase the cheekbones.

Methods facelift.Combined (deep) lifting

The last thing you would like after a facelift, you have ceased to be like himself.That's what can happen as a result of deep-lift, also known as combined.It assumes that all tissues, including the SMAS and deeper facial muscles are separated from the bone and tightened.This method can result in persistent edema, sagging lower eyelid, as well as change the basic features.

facelift that makes you younger, accepted with enthusiasm, but the operation, changing its characteristics, causes problems.For 40 or 50 years so you get used to your appearance that you find it difficult to adapt to any changes in the basic features of a person, even for the better.The older you are, the harder it is to get used to the new appearance after a combined lift.

Despite these features, many surgeons have reported the successful use of this method, which is better smoothes nasolabial folds and wrinkles.If the doctor recommends this lift, it would be wise to talk with his previous patient.Ask also show pictures of her before and after the operation, so you can estimate the change in appearance.

lift cheeks

lift cheeks, also called pull-midface, it was developed in the mid 90s.XX century.Many plastic surgeons have adopted this procedure because it is very effective in rejuvenating the cheeks.This is a limited version of subperiosteal lifting, and it is not surprising that potential problems are the same.The consequence of the operation may be a change of appearance, drooping lower eyelids and persistent swelling, not passing a few weeks or even months.If the surgeon offers this method, ask him about the risks and alternatives, how much he performed these operations and why you recommend it.

lift strands

newest technique facelift - a tightening thread.It lies in the imposition of permanent sutures under the skin and avoids large scars around the ears.The filaments were then stretched, lifting sagging skin, particularly the cheeks and neck.The benefits of surgery are minimal incisions and faster recovery.Lack tightening yarns is that it is not removed when excess skin and so the method recommended patients with its minimum amount.In medium and large skin surplus is likely the formation of folds and wrinkles around the ears (if the thread used for the purpose to remove the drooping cheeks).If you pull the thread so that no wrinkles or creases, lift the sagging skin of the cheeks and neck will be minimal.This operation is the most suitable for women with a minimum of excess skin and those who count on a slight improvement.

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