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Operation facelift

Plastic correction.Operation facelift.Turn on the TV, you are often faced with an advertisement or a news story, telling about a new face rejuvenation procedure.They really attract your attention, because when you look in the mirror, you find that you become like your mother.You may have faded skin of the cheeks and around the nose and mouth formed deep folds.Perhaps there was a second chin.It is possible that it is time to do a facelift, but to see this?And what to choose when you are offered a number of new techniques?

What can correct facelift

With age, your cheeks and neck gradually droop.When facelift stretches the skin of the cheeks, which leads to some smoothing nasolabial folds, which runs from the nose to the chin.This fold is less deep, but does not disappear completely, appearing every time you smile.It is, even in children.

If you press your fingers toward the center of the cheek and pull the

skin up and back, you will see what effect face lift.Deep folds of skin and smooth rise, but will not disappear.When stringing the skin can disappear sagging cheeks.If these manipulations improve the look of the cheeks, chin and neck, then you are advised to do a facelift.

Facelift - inaccurate name

Judging by the name, it can be assumed that the operation corrects the entire face, from the top of the forehead to the chin.In fact it would be more correct to call "tightening the lower half of the face and neck."Unfortunately, we are accustomed to the term "face lift".

Barbara, 51-year-old woman, whose children have grown up and are living on their own, the manager decided to resume his career.Despite her enthusiasm and experience to find suitable work has been difficult.Barbara suggested that the matter is that it looks a mature woman.Facelift did it a few years younger, and added to her confidence.Barbara has received three favorable offer.Later, she admitted that the reason for the success was the self-esteem, not youthful appearance.

What can not fix facelift

facelift can significantly change the lower part of the face and neck, but not affect the forehead and eyelids.Also, do not change, and skin condition.Therefore, all the wrinkles, bumps and spots remain in place.

Operation facelift or liposuction?

In some cases, liposuction of the neck is better than a face lift.This operation shows the women suffering from excess fat around the neck, but without loose skin.Most often these are young patients with good skin tone.Women with excess fat and loose skin on the neck is recommended facelift because in their case, liposuction is fraught with an increased risk of occurrence of irregularities in the skin.

forehead and eyelids

facelift corrects the lower part of the face and neck, but does not alter the forehead and eyelids.This can be a source of discord, when the background rejuvenate the cheeks and neck eyes and forehead look even older.For even rejuvenate many patients choose a combination of facelift and forehead, and eyelid.However, in some women, neck and chin are aging faster than the eyes and forehead.The lower half of their faces look ten years older than the upper half.In this case, most of all, we restrict ourselves to face lift to bring the neck and chin in line with the upper half of the face.

When thinking about a facelift

This operation is treated as a young 30-year-old women and the elderly, even in the age of 85.The most common age for a facelift - from 45 to 60 years, but the main factor here is all the same appearance.The speed of the aging process is not uniform.It may increase as a result of the disease, psychological stress, depression, smoking and, of course, a long stay in the sun.Reflecting on the need for a face-lift, proceed as described above.If you are satisfied with the changes for the better that you see in the mirror, it's time to think about the operation.

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