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psychological recovery after plastic surgery

Aesthetic Surgery.Psychological recovery after plastic surgery.Emotions patients after surgery can be very diverse.You can be glad that you had the confidence and courage to decide on the operation or will be sad and depressed, especially if the recovery period you have any doubts about the wisdom of the offense.You can experience the anger or disappointment, if the result is not the same as you'd expect - even if the judge of that yet.You may be concerned about a sense of guilt because of the fact that family and friends have to take care of you, or you feel frustrated by the fact that others do not notice the changes occurring to you.Sometimes friends and acquaintances who have no intention to offend you, say: "You look exactly the same," or "You did not need this operation."Such statements cause irritation and embarrassment.

emotional reaction depends o

n the psychological readiness for operation of the understanding of the recovery process and realistic expectations.Note that despite the elaborate plans of your feelings may surprise both you and your family members.Interestingly, patients who did not hide his intention to have cosmetic surgery, psychological rehabilitation is easier than those who keep their plans secret.Regardless of the initial reaction in the recovery period emotion weakened.Most women adapted for several days or weeks, even though some of the process is delayed for months.

psychological recovery after plastic surgery.Another aspect - the family emotional reaction to your decision to resort to plastic surgery.Do its members can be a different opinion on this matter.Most often, this happens with teenage daughters, who did not have a relationship with the mother.They did not approve of her desire to have plastic surgery, complain about swelling and bruises and criticize the aesthetic result.No explanations will not help here.Therefore it is necessary to behave in any vital situation: do what you think is right and be patient.Over time, the family members reconcile with your decision with your new appearance.

speak or not to speak?

As the popularity of plastic surgery, many people decide not to hide their plans for the operation.They realized that family and friends are worried about them and want to succeed.Some patients get their self-admiration of others, who admired their courage.However, not everyone is ready to reveal his plans for plastic surgery and prefer to keep secret.Such people want surrounding noticed that they look better, but did not know the reason.

We instinctively associate the change a person's appearance with hair, clothes, make-up, but not with the operation.For example, after the correction of the abdomen surrounding think you lost weight.Therefore, if you wish, you simply confirm their hunch and thank you for care.Moreover, you can change the hairstyle, hair color, or buy new clothes.It will tell your friends specific reason occurred to you changes.

psychological recovery after plastic surgery.Barbara, 42-year-old housewife, six months after the liposuction and stomach correction expressed disappointment with the results operations.She believed that her appearance did not change significantly.In fact the result was great, but just forgot Barbara looked like before surgery.Comparing the photos before and after treatment to the plastic surgeon, she said: "I could not look horrible.Maybe you confused my pictures? "Fortunately, the patient learned underwear in the picture, which confirmed the authenticity of the photos.Some people simply forget - or prefer not to remember - how they looked before.

Joan, widow of 66 years, was going to do a facelift, eyelid and forehead lift, but wanted to keep it secret.The club bridge lovers, of which she was, Joan said that she was going to stay with relatives for two weeks.Before the operation, she bought a new, more colorful makeup.After her return, all noted that Joan looks rested and refreshed, attributing this new journey and cosmetics.

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