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recovery after plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery.Recovery from plastic surgery.No matter what kind of surgery you have to read the following immediately before surgery.

first few days

The following are recommendations that will tell you what to expect in the first stages of recovery.

• You can look worse than before.Almost all operations of aesthetic surgery are accompanied by swelling and bruising, which usually peak after three to five days after surgery.Intensity of swelling and bruising is determined by the individual characteristics of the organism.

• After surgery on the neck or the face for two or three days, you need to keep your head elevated and apply ice packs to reduce swelling and speed recovery.Do not underestimate the value of these measures: they significantly reduce recovery time, and ignoring them can delay recovery.

• Your doctor will likely remove your bandages during the first visit to him

after the operation.The sutures are removed after 3-10 days, depending on location.Absorbable suture materials do not need to be removed.

• Near the incision the surgeon can enter the skin drainage - a small flexible tube made of plastic connected to the suction container.Drainage takes liquid and can reduce the chance of seroma (accumulation of fluid).

recovery after plastic surgery.Operation away from home

Some patients prefer to do aesthetic surgery is not in the place where they live.The reasons for such a decision, the following:

• They believe that will achieve a better result, if leave out and pay more.

• They chose a particular surgeon, has a solid reputation.

• They require anonymity.

Among the problems that accompany the desire to do aesthetic surgery away from home - apart from the obvious hassle and cost of the journey - the main is conducting the postoperative period.If you want to immediately go home after surgery, someone will shoot the seams?If they return home any complications, the surgeon will provide you with the necessary assistance?In the case of the need for a small corrective surgery if you want more time away from home?These are serious obstacles that must be carefully considered.

Nevertheless, some plastic surgeons clients come from all over the country.Those who are not hard to absent himself from home for a few days and come back in case of problems, this variant.

he removed outpatient, and this procedure causes mild discomfort.

• Ask your doctor when you can take a shower, bath, wash your hair.As a rule, it can be done in a day or two after surgery.

• Makeup decided to apply no earlier than 5-10 days after surgery.The exception is the procedure by using a carbon dioxide laser, dermabrasion and peels phenol, after which it is necessary to refrain from make-up for two weeks.

• After surgery should undergo three days to two weeks before you can return to work - depending on the surgery and your profession.

• The degree of discomfort may vary from a minimum as after surgery to increase the lips, before significant as after abdominal correction or contouring of the body.In addition, it depends on the individual circumstances.For example, most women face lift causes minimal discomfort, but some discomfort can be quite strong.

• Do not drive while taking pain medication because they weaken attention and slow down the reaction.After most of the operations can drive a car, if the reception is over painkillers.Exceptions to this rule - a tummy tuck and contour of the whole body (or parts thereof), after which require longer refrain from driving.

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