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Planning plastic surgery

Aesthetic Surgery.Planning plastic surgery.Planning the operation is similar to a battle plan.You must provide many details, and this list will help you take the first step.

• Consider the most appropriate time of year.Some operations are recommended in the winter months.After liposuction is necessary for several weeks to wear a constricting corset, like a sword belt.During warmer months, it may be too cumbersome and inconvenient.After laser skin treatment takes several months to avoid direct sunlight, which is very difficult in the summer.

• If you have a regular work schedule, assign an operation on Friday to have an additional two days to recover before going to work.

• Before the operation, usually on the chest undergo mammograms.If you are over 40 years old or you have a chronic disease, you may be given an electrocardiogram and chest x-ray.Preoperative examination usually requires a sepa

rate visit.

• Make a two-week supply of groceries and household goods.Prepare a single serving foods and freeze them.

• Bear in mind that after the surgery on the face to reduce the swelling need to apply cold compresses and sleeping with your head elevated.To compress crushed ice in a plastic bag is folded and wrapped in a towel.It is convenient to use bags of frozen peas or corn.Pyramid of the pillows, which placed under the head, usually unstable, and for this purpose is better to buy in a department store special back support.Armchair with adjustable back will also help support the head elevated, but it uncomfortable to sleep.You can be smart and tilt the entire bed, tucked under the front legs, for example, cinder blocks.

Planning plastic surgery.Ellen, a 31-year-old assistant advertising department, under the influence of the plot of the news program decided to get rid of stretch marks with a laser.The journalist praised the simplicity and efficiency of this method.Find out the true state of affairs, Ellen was very surprised: the laser has no effect on stretch marks.The irony was that she, having experience in the field of advertising, is easy to believe the false claims.Perhaps it was because the information was announced at a decent respect for the transfer.In the end, Ellen admitted that reporters need to earn.

If you do not want to admit to friends and colleagues that you do aesthetic surgery, the cause of his absence can be explained as follows:

1. You took a vacation and spend it at home.

2. The operation relates to reconstructive surgery, which is why your explanatory signed by a plastic surgeon.

3. The operation is associated with "women's disease".As a rule, in which case you will not elicit the details,

especially if you hint that it is - a deeply personal matter.

• Arrange who you will take back to the doctor to-day operations, as well as during the period of follow-up.Note that you'll be able to get behind the wheel after the operation, and as long as no stop taking painkillers.

• Ask a friend or relative to be with you on the first night after surgery.This person should you change the ice packs, cook a meal, check your status at night and call your doctor if you have any doubts or questions.If you can not find such a person, think about how to hire a nurse.Perhaps, the plastic surgeon will advise you reliable agency where they can apply.

• Before surgery, the doctor prescription buy antibiotics and painkillers.Recipes are available at the doctor's office where you will pay a fee per transaction and purchase the medicines themselves in the day when you go to the store for groceries.You can also ask someone to buy medicine, while there is a transaction.Another option - to call to the pharmacy on the way home, even though you would not want to make an extra stop.

operations planning: the necessary actions

• Determine the most appropriate time of year.

• Assign the operation on Friday, if you have a standard schedule.

• Pass examination before surgery.

• Buy a stock of grocery and household goods for two weeks.

• Consider the need for action against the swelling after surgery.

• Come up with something to say to friends and colleagues.

• Take care of transport.

• Ask someone to hold your home the first night after surgery.

• Buy the necessary medication before surgery.

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