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Untested methods of plastic surgery

consider than dangerous untested methods of plastic surgery.United States law does not specify which operations can be carried out, and who can perform them.Regularly there are new techniques that promise great results, but it ends in disappointment or subsequent deformation of the face and body.

Office of the US Food and Drug Administration regulates the use of implantable materials, giving permission to those who have proven to be relatively safe and effective.However, plastic surgeons often use materials that are not approved for the environment in which they are applied.This is called "undocumented use."One example of the above can serve as Botox, which is used for removing wrinkles on the forehead, long before it was obtained official permission.Therefore, we must understand that not every transaction or material offered by a plastic surgeon, legal.

Untested methods of plastic surgery.The injection of liquid silicone

From 50's to late 80's.XX century.for lip augmentation and breast used injections of liquid silicone.Initially, the results were wonderful - natural and long-lasting.

However, many women who make such injections, observed pain and deformity, as the silicone causes local inflammation.Due to the fact that the material is penetrated into the body tissue, it has been difficult or even impossible to remove.The large number of patients strain persists.(Injection of liquid silicone differ from silicone breast implants which is a capsule with the contents -. Such as gel)

Lighting Aesthetic Surgery in the media

For information received from television and radio news, talk shows and magazines, should be treated critically.The media usually there are two stages: first, there is a wave of excitement and high expectations, followed by disappointment and heartbreaking stories.In the 80-ies.XX century.journalists to embrace the Retin-A miraculous cure for wrinkles, but plastic surgeons noted that the effect of this drug is minimal.The next wave consisted of assertions that Retin-A no use to patients, but it is very beneficial for doctors and manufacturers, although neither one nor the other did not correspond to reality.Similarly, liposuction depicted a simple and painless procedure, during which the patient can chat with friends on the phone.It is also called a dangerous and ineffective.Both of these statements are inaccurate.

Radiofrequency lifting

Around 2000, several companies have developed a device that worked on the high-frequency radiation the skin to stimulate its tension.The desired effect is actually achieved (to some extent), but some women who had such a procedure in the first years of application of the method, developed shrinkage of adipose tissue, resulting in a sunken face begins to look unhealthy, uneven and misshapen.The company, which manufactures the device, since it changed the settings that reduce the likelihood of complications, but the woman has undergone such an operation is not able to turn back the clock.

carbon dioxide laser (C02 laser)

This laser has gained popularity around 1995. It turned out to be an effective tool for smoothing the skin, reduce wrinkles and remove blemishes.Unfortunately, women who take advantage of this method, suffer the consequences - they have a pale, waxy skin of the face.This effect

was attributed to the aggressive action of the carbon dioxide laser, and now the majority of plastic surgeons refer to this procedure with caution.However, many women who have passed it in the mid and late 90s.XX century., Can not restore the natural color and texture of the skin.

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