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development of plastic surgery

consider how the development of plastic surgery.Plastic surgery is increasingly penetrates into Western culture.The recent emergence of reality TV shows and dramas on the subject, boosted its popularity.She often appears on talk shows, news programs and magazine articles.She was devoted to commercials.Disadvantages own appearance even discussed with friends and colleagues.But despite this powerful flow of information, plastic surgery surrounded by misconceptions and myths.

Perhaps you've heard that an era of plastic surgery.The latest technology and procedures are literally flooded the market.But how to distinguish truth from fiction?

development of plastic surgery.Cosmetic surgery continues to experience unprecedented peak of popularity.From 1996 to 2000, only increased from one to three million in the United States the number of operations per year.In the period from 2000 to 2008,

this number doubled.Such rapid growth will continue on as a plastic surgery services will resort people of all ages, professions and social strata.However, despite its popularity, this path is not for everyone.

Only you can decide whether you need plastic surgery.This solution must be comprehensive.One of the first steps - a consultation with a plastic surgeon, but as you'll see shortly, to find a qualified doctor is not so simple.

Mary, 22-year-old college student, specializing in engineering, was unsure of herself and closed.Although highly qualified, she could not pass the interview and get a job.After plastic surgery to reduce a large nose, it was a successful interview, and she soon received a good offer - but not because of looks, but because of the newfound confidence.

booming cosmetic surgery complicated patients to a potential problem of finding a good specialist.Earlier in the art worked mostly plastic surgeons, but now the aesthetic surgery and treatments offered, and other doctors who seek to capitalize on the popularity of the lucrative and affordable activity.

Neither federal law nor state laws do not ban these doctors to advertise themselves as plastic surgeons, even though they do not have proper training.Can deceive even the most "seasoned" patient.At a congressional hearing, Senator Ron Wyden said that "many aesthetic surgeons do not have a formal surgical education ... In every state medical school graduate, has a license, has the right to engage in plastic surgery.There are no barriers, no public or professional. "

Search qualified plastic surgeon - is just one of the obstacles that you will encounter.Carefully planned and organized approach is very important for security and the best aesthetic result.Outlined below ten steps will allow you to temper expectations, and if possible to achieve the desired.

difference between plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery

Plastic surgery includes both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.The goal of reconstructive surgery - to restore the shape and function of the organ in patients after accidents, cancer, burns, congenital malformations, deformations, etc. Cosmetic surgery is designed to improve the appearance of healthy people...Thus, the entire aesthetic surgery refers to plastic, but not all plastic surgery refers to the aesthetic.In everyday language, the term "plastic surgery" is often used to refer to cosmetic surgery.He just better known to the general public.

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