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nondestructive plastic tip of the nose to the 4 stages

Plastic Surgery.Nondestructive plastic nose tip into 4 stages.Next, IV step, placement of the tip of the complex to ensure its planned height (projection) and rotation.Day of, first of all, enjoy the seams between the septal cartilage and medial legs, controlling the increase or decrease in nasal tip projection.These seams are recommended to impose a monofilament thread 4/0 between the caudal edge of the nasal septum and the middle part of the medial leg.They can provide up to 3 mm of adding or reducing the height of the tip of the nose.

seams, changing projection (protrusion) tip of the nose: A - reducing;B - increasing

nasal tip rotation can be controlled by special suture or graft.The seam is applied between the cephalic margin of the medial leg in 2 - 3 mm below the dome and the back part of the nasal septum is slightly higher septal ang


nondestructive plastic nose tip into 4 stages.Maneuvers to rotate the tip of the nose: A - seam;B graft

Thus, based nondestructive plastic nose tip preservation laid structures forming its skeleton, and suturing the principle of force vectors.As mentioned above, the tip of the nose surgery is done after nasal surgery and other more traumatic stages rhinoplasty.The method involves dynamic control of the shape of the nose tip.

control measurements of height (projection) with respect to the tip of the nose cartilage back - 6 mm, incorrect

This ensures predictability of results of operations and its reversibility in case of failure or dissatisfaction of the patient.vnakladku transplants are used only in the case if you can not form a nose tip suture techniques.Thus, cartilaginous autografts are a powerful tool of modern rhinoplasty, the use of which is limited to the primary observations of the most difficult clinical observations.

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