Nondestructive plastic nose tip into 3 stages

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nondestructive plastic nose tip into 3 stages

Plastic Surgery.Nondestructive plastic nose tip into 3 stages.In stage III are focusing on the shape of the lateral legs and domes.As is known, outward bulge is one of the most common strain of the lateral legs.Techniques with the implementation of the incision, resection and softening change configuration strips krylnyh cartilage, breaking their support function and height, thereby creating the conditions for the subsequent deformation under the influence of non-programmable forces maturing connective tissue.The said rhinoplasty techniques are difficult to manage because there is always the danger of excessive attenuation due to uneven or complete intersection when the cartilage incisions.This problem can be solved neatly and predictably by imposing tightening suture on the lateral legs.The desired point is convergence with tweezers and pre-marked needle

fixation.Mattress suture impose monofilament thread 5/0 on the most prominent point of the lateral legs.With a uniform tightening the seam simultaneously generates and repositioned in the lateral legs.It is designed to correct lateral legs convexity flexural more than 5 mm outside from the dome.With it is possible to increase or decrease the projection of the tip of the nose, as well as its rotation up or lowering (of not less than eight dynamic effects on the position of the tip of the nose).Additional power vector rotating nose up, it may be provided holding suture tightening the lateral legs, with stitching caudal septum department.When unilateral lateral leg swells suture can be approximating the lateral convexity of the legs is to the nasal septum.

nondestructive plastic nose tip into 3 stages.Seam, tightening the lateral legs

grafts that extend the lateral leg, have an effect, reverse seam, which brings together the legs.These transplants eliminate collapse of the lateral legs, open the internal nasal valve, reduce nasal tip rotation.Another advantage of the graft that it is not in contact with the nose wheel, therefore seem invisible.

grafts, lateral fixing legs: A - in the form of a rectangle;B - a pentagonal shape;G - scheme sutures

Then pay attention to the position and intensity of the defining points of the nose.Tightening mattress seams on the dome impose monofilament thread 5/0 between the medial and lateral legs in 2 - 3 mm below the top of the planned location of the dome above the level of the mucous lining.

This joint provides a predictable result of the formation of the dome without the structural integrity of the lower lateral cartilage disorders.He emphasizes the tip of the nose, increasing its projection.These joints also allow you to control the divergence angle of the medial leg lower lateral cartilages.At the end of manipulation varying degrees of tightening the sutures to achieve symmetry of the dome can be the tip of the nose.The most common mistake when using suture techniques of forming the tip of the nose - it's excessive delay in data seams.

seam tightening Dome A - the distribution of vectors of force when it is applied;B - view of the dome after the suture;In - phase operation

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